Its recommended that you only use plastic pipe cutters for smaller projects with a less than 10 cuts.. Any more than that and a handshake will be difficult to perform. A pipe cutter like this one costs less than $10 at home centers. Cutting pipes with a saw can leave behind plastic shavings that could clog the sprinkler heads. Some models allow for two-man cutting of larger pipe sizes. It is quite similar in design and operation to the smaller PVC cutter. Flexible PEX is easily cut with a specially made PEX tubing cutter. To use a cast-iron pipe cutter, start by slipping the cutting chain around the pipe. Dig out about 24" along each part of the pipe where you plan to cut 2. To use a tube-cutting tool, you’ll secure the vice-like tool around the pipe, then tighten it until it cuts through the pipe. Run the blade around the inside of the pipe. To repair a polyethylene pipe, start by holding the fitting up to the damaged pipe to measure how much pipe needs to be removed. Cut and remove the damaged section of PVC pipe using pipe cutters. 10. Cut the pipe at least 2 or 3 inches beyond the damaged area on either end of the pipe. I can cut > the old pipe, but how can I insert a T in this space between the > immovable ends of the cut pipe. 1. Remove any pooled water from around the PVC pipe. Dry and wipe the cut ends of the piping clean using a rag. Use smooth, consistent sawing motions to cut the pipe so the edge is even. 7. If you have the option, pick a bright-colored one that will be easier to spot in the grass. To cut galvanized pipe, use either a tube-cutting tool, a reciprocating saw, or a hacksaw. Winterizing your System: Winterizing a drip irrigation is easy! Don’t Cut Pipes With a Saw. An inexpensive poly pipe cutter works great. Once you cut it, you’ll need to use a rounded file to sand down any burrs. Once you are happy with the fit, prime and glue both pipes and couplers and put together. Cut pipe 3. You need to remove a large enough section to fit your slip coupling into the pipe. Then slide the barbed ends of the fitting into the open pieces of pipe. 8. Excavate back a bit, cut the breaks and cut a new section of pipe to replace the damage. The only drawback to cutting with a plastic pipe cutter is the aching hand pain, since you are constantly squeezing the cutter handles together. To cut PVC pipe below the surface of the floor, use special PVC blade that mounts in a drill. Position the clamps over the fittings and crimp closed. Use a coupler on each end of the new pipe, dry fit to make sure it fits and is snug. NOTE: The above info is for a black polyethylene irrigation pipe with a hole in it too close to concrete to cut and fix it the “normal” way. Hinged pipe cutters rapidly cut through 2- to 12-inch diameter steel and cast-iron pipe. Cut one part of pipe shorter by … Once you’ve exposed the pipe where the leak or break is, use a hacksaw to remove the section that contains the leak or break. 9. Drip Irrigation installation experts simply use household scissors to cut their tubing. If you have the same type of leak you can try this or see below for other ways to repair a water leak from your irrigation system. Then cut the pipe, and place the clamps on the pipe before making a connection. All of our drip irrigation parts are made of extremely durable plastic that can withstand freezing temperatures as long as all the water is removed from the system. > > Is there a special Tee that can be slipped in there? A heavy-duty PVC cutter is another great option for cutting PVC pipe. So these tools are best used on projects with relatively small pipe sizes. While some heavy-duty PVC cutters can cut up to 2" pipe, regular ones can typically only cut pipe that is 1" or less in thickness. Manual Pipe Cutters. Saw off a 4 in (10 cm) section of pipe at the leak.