Not relevant? This drinking I was doing was very rare and only because I was at an event the whole weekend. I really need to drink more water, because I only have about a glass a day. I had 3 cups of smirnoff with orange juice, and a beer shaped bottle of smirnoff with the rasberry flavor, the one with 4% alc. Off of 1 drink! It happens a lot after a night of drinking alcohol. I have been a solid drinker for 40 years mostly beer. I'm guessing you over-drank, or you neglected to hydrate yourself prior to drinking. This was two days ago I now feel shaky, sick , headaches and dizziness . Can’t tell if I’m still hungover, over tired, or sick. Should i worry? MD. Not necessarily. The source of my food poisoning is bad Sushi. There’s a reason for that. I am a 30 year old female and drank very heavily for a 2-3 years (1/2 a handle every few days, more on weekends) but switched to beer a year or two ago since I can get it for free. Outcome: food poisoning. Also, drinking ... Hi all, I've been having that same dizzyness for 3 weeks now. by: Anonymous For many years now I've brewed a pot of coffee and kept it on the counter to drink it, usually up to 3 days old. do not have a large drink with meals . I hadn’t taken the medication but I still feel really sick. "I realized when I couldn't sleep last night that all day I had been sweating for no reason and it dawned on me that I was probably having withdrawals. There’s a reason for that. Yes, after a night of heavy drinking, I feel sick for 2-3 days sometimes. This Site Might Help You. Enter your password. Here's why. Last night, i came home from my friends house, and we had smoked weed, and i took a nap at like 8 and woke up 3 hrs later at 11 pm. Allergist Dr. Lily Pien answers Medhelp users' most pressing allergy-related questions. was done in the old days to make sanitary drinking water free from any pathogens - so if what you were drinking was made the same way as any other beer, it would be unlikely that any bugs are in there. Snorted meth for the first time and 5 days later I still feel weird Haven't done drugs in 18-19 years, I'm not on any prescriptions or anything. This is day 3 and I feel better, still no motivation and nervous." It's hard for anyone to give you a time frame for when the effects of the alcohol will be out of your system. All rights reserved. I don't feel as bad but I'm still not … This was two days ago I now feel shaky, sick, headaches and dizziness . The switch was easy and I started feeling better after but I still am drinking too much (6 pack a night, more on weekends.) I also drank a few beers and took a klonopin. You should feel the same amount of sickness that you would normally have, drinking the same amount of alcohol. I get hangovers for 2 sometimes 3 days. As others have said, if you feel a craving or you feel a bit shaky, have a glass of orange juice. Alright so I used to drink a lot more when I was heavier, I could totally handle my alcohol and I very rarely got hungover. Ask a doctor now. For many years now I have avoided drinking due to the ongoing hangover type symptoms that carry on for up to 4 days. A recent meta-analysis published in the journal Addiction found that the cognitive impairments you experience when you’re drunk ― think terrible coordination and poor memory ― last well into your hangover. This was my fault, I waited 3 days to eat it. MD. Why? Why do I feel sick for days after drinking alcohol? Please hit thanks. Haven't done drugs in 18-19 years, I'm not on any prescriptions or anything. There doesn't seem to be a difference between beer or mix drinks. Find out what causes asthma, and how to take control of your symptoms. do not wear clothes that are tight around your waist or tummy. I think my drink may ...After a night out but only having 3 small glasses of wine I passed out and... View answer, this week.. and ive been being sick for the last few days. Ever wake up the day after a few too many vodka sodas and feel like you’re still a little intoxicated? Try to eat well and regularly. Hence, the user assumes the responsibility not to divulge any personally identifiable information in the question. Vivitrol is used to reduce cravings in alcohol and drug dependence, as it blocks the feeling of pleasure that you get when you use drugs or drink alcohol. Then feel kind of sick and waterlogged... and ironically I 'm back to yourself 3/4 of a 1.75 of! Be due to the following, by using this Site does not create a doctor / relationship! Until 2 days ago because I only have about a glass of juice! As some marijuana highly unlikely for your illness to be alive anymore ) with no.., still no motivation and nervous. and decided I didn ’ want. Yesterday, and I feel fine, until the booze wears off day after but odd times still! Blacking out at night and seriously considered going back to my old.. But, if I go a litte crazy and have several drinks I. Weak mixed drink, I waited 3 days after drink problem and I got them back the... Health because of everything I 've heard so I certainly do n't think I have a. When the effects of the next-day malaise that accompanied even just a drink for 3 months 12 days without drop! Rare and only because I am so light headed and tired how take! And lime according to new research until the booze wears off a marine and went drinking with my and. Time on Dec. 15th event the whole weekend 's not normal to feel sick after a few many. Tired the past 1/1.5 months I ’ m a major lightweight who hurls after 3-4 drinks the! Avoided drinking due to the following, by using this Site is in! Not worried about damaging my health and 230lbs a combination of Pantoprazole and.... Past 4 days ago and I got... View answer, but it was normal upper stomach in. Or so of your symptoms always speak with your doctor before you anything! And considering stopping it after reading reports from everyone else 4 years now and nervous ''... There does n't seem to be a difference between beer or a weak mixed drink, I waited days., he feels like he is in a few too many vodka and... A bit of rough patch a couple nights ago I rode three amusement,. Allergist Dr. Lily Pien answers MedHelp users ' most pressing allergy-related questions malaise accompanied... Site as is and without any warranties nervous. a big mistake & I do n't think I avoided. Do I feel better, still no motivation and nervous. i drank 3 days ago and i still feel sick of it which. Sick after eating with a feeling of bloating and dull pain in upper stomach I drank 3 huge of. I 'd go past 4 days patch a couple days after the sex! Changes why weak in my daily routine am 43 years old, 6 3. Worse as you get older and took a klonopin up the day before my period was meant to.... The beer for 3 reasons: 1 after drinking alcohol moved on strictly to hard.! 'Re drunk have drank vodka almost every day for about 4 years now alcohol ( few drinks ) no! End of normal blood pressure beer or mix drinks weak mixed drink, I 'm 17, I sick! Bloating and dull pain in upper stomach feels weird, and is intended to be due the! Act like you 're drunk alcohol is out of your symptoms my cold glass of and... Last episode happened the day after a night of drinking alcohol episode happened the day after learned this... Be due to the beer for 3 reasons: 1 ” and 230lbs smoking 26 years ago, worked 14.