An expertly tanned hide. This strange wood emits a wan light. Cheat Codes for Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Often used as an inexpensive substitute for gold. Used for wall-hangings in the homes of the wealthy. Once it bites into flesh, it's hard to get it back out again. Calms a troubled heart with a single touch. Use caution; an overdose is fatal. Known for its high quality, and resistance to the ravages of heat and moisture. Often used in the forging of weapons and armor. To find something fast, you can use CTRL+F to search. Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Nintendo DS walkthrough and guide at GameSpy - Check out the latest walkthroughs and guides for Nintendo DS. The Way of the Sword, Wanted: Floraxion, Escort Wanted, The Honorable Thing. Where Could He Be?, Hunted, Survey No. This rare wood bears a faint rose fragrance. How fascinating that something so small could hold the power of a hurricane. 260. A light, flexible wood. Hussy. A smooth, curved turtle shell. A long and lovely bird feather. This cut danbuk lumber is excellent for use in crafting weapons and armor. You'll want to play around with the Bazaar now, turning in any loot you can, to diversify your ability choices. This flower shaped like a moth's wings is the based ingredient for the mixing of elixirs. Wing from the giant dragons that wheel through the sky. An extremely malleable metal. Web Snap it quickly through the air, and it will make a cracking noise like a whip. It is thought to act as protection against some beasts with a natural aversion to the shape. With the new expansion & changes to the loot tables Customs is one of the best maps for loot. Bonga Bugle - Greenfire, Open Wide, Bonga Bugle - Silversun, Death March. A dense, dark wood. This pelt is light and soft to the touch. The spores of this marvelous fungus consist largely of gold. Blooms only in places where the soil is just so. Used in alchemy and for the working of curses. This metal is immediately recognized by the unique pattern of striations on its surface. The Camoa Nightwatch, Inspiration or Perspiration?, The Last Duelhorn, Geomancer's Way - Snow. Fanart Fanfiction Screenshots Downloads Wallpaper. Smiths call it the phantom metal, and treat it with utmost care. This crystal is suffused with raw power. PS3 Mysterious treasures are 1200 gil or common loot. Tactics A2. ) The finished product is a bit tough. Unlike previous games, FFTA2 requires you to turn in "loot" to unlock new items in shops. The Root of the Problem, Bong Bugle - Skyfrost. Unlike previous games, FFTA2 requires you to turn in "loot" to unlock new items in shops. It's crafted from a durable adamant alloy. Ribs simply requests the vine of a tomato; though Luso is blissfully ignorant, the rest of us know it won't be so easy. A stone imbued with earth magicks. You take these items back to any shop, then mix and match them to produce new weapons, armor, and so on. White King of Cinquleur, Knowing the Beast. Final Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded Cheats A stone imbued with water magicks. The tanning process removes some of its natural oils, making it susceptible to water damage. Pirate Problems, Survey No. Wanted: Florah, Wanted: Moogle Rangers, Teach a Man to Fish. This metal has the strange property of becoming solid only at certain times of day. This is the only way to earn those new privileges, so you should do them as often as possible. Legends says that a great spirit of the water lies trapped inside this crystal. Anything exposed to its rots in a matter of moments. Verified Purchase. Now That's a Fire, Bonga Bugle - Greenfire. It takes many years for these yellow flowers to bloom. This cotton feels soft to the touch. Hold it in the sunlight and it sparkles with reflected brilliance. Trappers know: prime skins make prime hides. It's too large to be easily carried. This page contains Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Even removed, it quickly absorbs blood, turning a bright red. A Lanista's Pride, Wanted: Musician!, Unsettled Thoughts. Cheat Codes for Final Fantasy Tactics A2. This top quality wool is as soft as down. This will include gear, armor, weapons, conduits, and Legendary Runecarver recipes, all categorized by class and itemization. Bonga Bugle - Blackfrost, What Was Lost, Bonga Bugle - Skyfrost.