Inserting a playlist into another website. How to Embed YouTube Playlists in a Website. Dave Menzies 2,342 views. Step 4: Select “Channel” Feed Type. Easy embed videos from YouTube video playlist, channel and videos IDs to your WordPress website. Showcase URLs are often not supported by applications that rely on URLs instead of embed codes (for example: themes, plugins, galleries, etc. This will create the video player and video list on your website and is fully customizable. Refresh your page. First, go to Click the “+ Create Solution” button.4. Addresses limitations some users were getting when pasting a YouTube channel and/or playlist gallery. So the final view should be something like this: The sidebar items should be the thumbnail images of the next videos. Turn on “Load Async Player ” option. Control the quality of output thumbnail images by defining " Thumbnail quality " parameter (0%-100%). 7:48. YotuWP is modern and mobile responsive video gallery. You can also share your playlists by embedding them on your website, blog, or social media page. Click the “NEXT” button. Simply put, you can display a specific playlist or an entire YouTube channel in elegant ways that differ from the standard YouTube playlist player. Do you manage a playlist using your YouTube Channel? Happy embedding! Refresh your page. Happy embedding! So I now want to add a sidebar next to the youtube playlist display. Since this tutorial is about embedding your YouTube channel on your website, under Feed Type, click on the Channel option. When the page was initially loaded, Google+ would only embed the thumbnail image of the YouTube video and the actual video player was loaded only when the user clicked inside thumbnail. The thumbnail frame image of YouTube videos are about 15 kB in size so we are able to reduce the size of web pages by almost an MB. ). Embedding a playlist To get started, create or select a showcase from the videos page ( In this section, we’ll go a little further and show you how to embed a YouTube playlist or even a YouTube channel. Feasible Solutions to create YouTube playlist. H. Published in: Embed - YouTube. Embed a YouTube Playlist Using