Technician Application Form Yes : No . So I replaced the front end cable because I had to cut it off. What to expect: I have fail my inspection because. Privacy Policy Your email address will not be published. Brake maintenance can involve a number of services that will get your brakes in prime working order. It can also turn on the Parking Brake light in your dash. Even beyond the fact that I'm pissed off about having to replace something I never used in the entire history of the car, why the hell do I need a parking brake to pass inspection. Parking Brake Failed State Inspection. Parking Brake/Hand-Brake Warning Light. Moreover, a Parking Brake light that will not go out can indicate many different things, including the parking brake not disengaging, a failed parking brake switch, or even low fluid in the master cylinder reservoir. P.O. A professional mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to investigate the problem. The vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system reports a failure or problem with an emissions related component or sensor. Uneven Fluid Pressure: If your car is experiencing uneven brake fluid pressure in one or more lines, it will affect braking performance, and could possibly cause the vehicle to pull to one side or the other during braking. Yes. Parking brake is not mechanically activated. Check engine light is on Diagnostic. 2. While your parking brake is not integral to safe driving, it’s an important component on your car. Even after appliyiong the car moves just like w/o any brake. Repairs, diagnostics, maintenance and more. The mechanics of the brake are fine, but the light wont turn off. A switch is responsible for the brake being engaged and turning the parking brake light on located in your dash. This can be checked easily by jiggling the handle after it is down. 669 posts Member … We also have Number of Mobile Mechanics who can come to your home or work place which ever suites you- so whether it’s an exhaust replacement, shock absorber or, So if you need a car Service or car Repair Quote? Therefore he failed it. Yes . The parking brake on your vehicle will be a pedal that is located to the far left side next to your normal brake pedal and accelerator pedal. It turns on when you pull the parking brake handle to warn you that the brake is engaged when starting the car. The mechanic will check the parking brake handle, switch, fluid reservoir and other components, and then provide a detailed inspection report that includes the scope and cost of the necessary repairs. 3. STEERING LASH . 4.85 The parking brake test is performed by engaging the brake while the vehicle is in drive and taking the foot off of the service brake (your main brake). Steering, Front End, Suspension, Chassis, Frame & Wheel Fasteners are Checked. If the sensor fails or is going bad, the Parking Brake light will turn on. Or the brake warning light on the dashboard? Has anyone Service List, Consumer Warranty Average Rating, 95% p.s. Only thing that failed is the parking brake. The mechanic will also inspect other brake system components, including the reservoir, cap, fluid level sensor and more. One of (if not the) most common reasons your dashboard has Brake Warning Light on is because the parking brake has not been fully disengaged before attempts to drive the car have been made. Examine means by which parking brake works. It also ensures that you don’t have to rely on the parking gear of your transmission, as it’s possible for the transmission to slip, and then the car can roll. You can hire our mobile mechanic who can visit your home and give your faulty parking brake light a look. Brake pad replacement, cambelt replacement, gearbox oil change, car service, MOT or any other car maintenance. A pass or fail outcome of the parking brake vehicle inspection is based on the condition of the vehicle at the time of the inspection. [/wcm_restrict] The inspector will remove at least one front wheel for the brake inspection. Many of the quick lube places that do inspection here interpret moderate acceleration as a 1500 RPM. He mentioned a coil and sensor on the brake line that measures air pressure in the line may be the issue. Or you might want a specialist for your BMW Service, Ford Service or In many cases, a brake warning indicator light is a sign of a low brake fluid level, which typically due to worn brake pads. Likely something electrical has failed either the brake fluid "low level" switch or the parking brake switch.