Some savings can be realized in postage and paper. Our staff will still be in the office through the week, answering phones and processing documents. EmailDecode('142|124|121|139|124|120|132|87|122|134|69|132|134|133|137|134|124|69|128|133|69|140|138', 'Problems with this website - email us', 'class='); This new service is provided to the residents of Monroe County at no charge. Click here for a printable version . **  For best results when sending UCC Statements, UCC Amendments and UCC Terminations,  please include an original and a copy. RECORDER OF DEEDS DIVISION ERIE COUNTY COURTHOUSE 140 W. 6TH STREET ERIE PENNSYLVANIA 16501 PHONE: (814) 451 -6246 FAX:(814) 451-6213 EMAIL: . *Please note that as of 1 July 2019, the Auditor's transfer fee has increased to $10 per parcel (legal description). In addition, we collect archive funds for the historical preservation and archiving of all Monroe County land records. Multi-tranaction documents: Monroe County does not accept multi-transaction documents (such as multiple releases of mortgages in a single documment). Mercer County Recorder of Deeds . 610 monroe street suite 125 . File an ADA Grievance or Complaint, Site Design and Content Management by eGov Strategies LLC, acknowledged and proven, agreeable to Indiana Code 32-21-2-3, More information on SEA 505 can be found here, Current Inventory of Monroe County Records, General and Office Specific Retention Schedules. FEE BILL . Property watch fraud alert system free to Monroe County residents. All fees are payable at the time of recording. Recorder of Deeds Office . Map Fees CAD Directions for use of the DoxPop service can be found in the comprehensive help section on their website. Monroe County Ohio now e-Records! Email: Office Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday- Friday Closed 12-1pm for lunch Appointments: Recommended during office hours 8:00AM to 3:00 PM Required after 3:30PM Duties: The responsibility of the Recorder of Deeds office is to record, maintain and preserve all the land records of Monroe County. The following fees are hereby established for services rendered by this office. **Please note that Notary Change of Address forms no longer have to be recorded with the Recorder of Deeds office. Businesses can record online with Simplifile and CSC eRecording. AMENDED 2019 FEE SCHEDULE . stroudsburg, pa 18360 (570) 517-3969 fax (570) 517-3873 . Online search is available! All other updates listed below continue to apply. Employees: Stephanie Austin- Chief Deputy Robin Kuhns- Deputy. Copies of documents larger than 11 x 17 inches, Bulk Copies (Bulk purchasers must have a contract, Assessor's Fee: Any document that requires a, Auditor's Transfer Fee: Any document that serves. Please visit our "Fee Schedule" and “Recording Requirements”  pages for more information. Copies are made by staff in the research library, fee is $0.50 per page and $1.50 for certification. File an ADA Grievance or Complaint, Site Design and Content Management by eGov Strategies LLC, Affirmation statement (of Sec. View the Recorder of Deeds Fee Schedule (PDF) Remember to add $20 per PIN number to the fee of documents in bold. Ronnie Boozer P. O. Pursuant to the provisions of Act 87, 1982, Chancery Clerk. Must come into office to record. The following are calculators that you may use to determine how much your recording fees will be when filing a particular document. Adams County, PA . The fee is $10.00 per parcel and is NOT included in the above fee. All Chester County Recordings must have a … All documents must include a statement indicating who prepared the document, and include an affirmation that states: "I affirm, under penalties of perjury, that I have taken reasonable care to redact each social security number in this document, unless required by law. If you require index books that are not online at Doxpop, please contact me,, and I can scan the section(s) you need and provide them. As a courtesy, the Carbon County Office of the Recorder of Deeds, in conjunction with the Office of Information Technology have made note of these changes on the “Fee Schedule” located on the Recorder of Deeds web page. Requirements for Recording Documents. HOWEVER, documents are still required to conform to recording standards, and may be rejected for non-conformance. Additional fees are as follows: Item Fee; Parcels - Deed/Mortgage only - each after 1. We look forward to seeing your faces again when we (hopefully) are able to re-open by appointment on Tuesday, 19 January 2021. Parcel Inquiry ; Code … You will have to register with icounty; You can contact icounty at 816-295-1540 . # redaction), Complete Legal Description where applicable. Act 8, 1998 now Act 32, 2002-Records Management . Documents submitted will be recorded as presented. There will no longer be any additional fees for cross-references or for non-conforming pages. The Carbon County Commissioners have approved a $5.00 per parcel increase to the UPI (Uniform Parcel Identifier) fee. We now have a drop box on the north side of the Courthouse! All fees include state and county taxes. To be strictly conforming: Documents must be no larger than 8 1/2 X 14 inches, be in 10-point type or larger, on white paper of at least 20-lb. The County Clerk is responsible for recording and maintaining real property records in Monroe County. To Our Title Companies, Abstractors, and All Customers. Each additional parcel number is $10.00. The Monroe County Ohio Recorder accepts electronically recorded documents. $1 per name. Indiana Recorders are currently looking at manageable ways to provide access to records that have not yet been digitized. Act 87, 1982-Fees set by Legislature . In this case, the submitter must clearly identify on the first page of the document which cross references are required to be cross referenced within the public record. Reopen Fee: $50.00: Lis Pendens Recording Fee - Separate Check (Need original signature to record) First Page: $5.00: Each Additional Page: $4.00: Foreclosure each additional timeshare unit: $10.00: Writ of Garnishment: $85.00: Writ of Replevin: $85.00: Petition for Ext. In addition to the fees listed, add all that apply: Additional Pages over 4: $2.00 Per Page; Indexing Fee Per Names over 4: $.50 Each Name FEE SCHEDULE Recorder of Deeds Division Lehigh County, PA Effective January 1, 2019. Act 122 of 2002 . Fee Schedule; Fee Calculators; Fee Calculators. Documents are likely to be rejected if there is not a 2-inch margin on the first page (so that there is room for the Auditor's and Recorder's stamps), if pages are not legible due to small or unclear text, if the medium on which they are printed is not able to do through a scanner, or other reasons of recordability. The public can access most of our documents at The recorder is responsible for maintaining records for real property located in Monroe County. As you know, Monroe County Government offices are generally closed to the public under emergency procedures during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. Credit/debit cards accepted, with $3.50 service fee. of Time: $42.00: Foreclosure Sale: $70.00: Disburse Surplus Funds: $15.00: Notify Surplus Trustee: $15.00 We apologize for the inconvenience this situation has brought about. The fee is payable to the Recorder of Deeds. **NOTE** Both the document fee and technology fee should be added to each transaction. monroe county . We will also have staff present on a daily basis to assist with document requests as needed. All documents for recording must be acknowledged and proven, agreeable to Indiana Code 32-21-2-3. The Register of Deeds office has served Union County since the County was formed in 1842. Indiana - Monroe County Recorder Information. Bates County Administration Building 103 W Dakota, Room 3 Butler, MO 64730 660-679-3611. Non-conforming documents MAY still be accepted for recording, at the discretion of the Recorder. For large documents or stacks, we are happy to meet a courier at the door to receive them, and also to return them when completed. Fee Schedule. Thank you, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. ** Starting Thursday November 19 th and until further notice, the Register of Deeds Office will remain open with limited building access. weight (no permanently bound or continuous forms), and have margins of at least 2 inches on the top and 2 inches on the the bottom of the first page and the last page with 1/2-inch margins on interior pages. Effective July 20, 2020 BASE INSTRUMENT TYPE FEE ADDITIONAL ITEMS Deed … Act 49 of 2009 . For documents that require a cross-reference by statute, such as assignments or releases of mortgage or easements, these references can be located on any given page within the document. CLERK OF RECORDS . County Clerk & Recorder; Emergency Management Agency; Freedom of Information Act; Geographic Information Systems; Health Department; Highway Department; Human Resources; Mapping & Platting; Monroe County 911; Monroe-Randolph ROE; Sheriff’s Department; State’s Attorney; Treasurer’s Office; Weed Commissioner; Workforce Development; Zoning & Building; Quick Links. The service allows you to receive alerts whenever your name or property information is entered on a new recorded document. US mail to our PO box, as normal (preferred address). Website Accessibility. Requests made before 2pm should be available in DoxPop by the following morning. Stay well, and thank you. Fee is $20.00 per PIN and check is payable to Luzerne County Treasurer. In 1816, the Office of County Recorder was the first local office created by the State of Indiana constitution. Potter County is one of 30 Pennsylvania counties which can accommodate remote access through the internet to certain property records in the office of the Register of Wills/Recorder of Deeds. Scranton Electric Building – Suite 800 . LACKAWANNA COUNTY RECORDER OF DEEDS . Copies made by staff to be mailed, fee is $5.00 per page and $1.50 for certification. Unless Otherwise Noted, Please Make Checks Payable to Monroe County Recorder. Please make sure your contact information (name, phone, return address) are included. OFFICE OF RECORDER OF DEEDS MICHAEL E. KOZIKOWSKI, SR. For cross-references not otherwise required by statute or county ordinance, the person submitting the document for recording shall clearly identify on the front page of the instrument the specific cross-reference or cross-references to be included with the recorded documents.” (IC 36-2-7-10) For instance, certain lengthier documents, such as affidavits, submitted for recording may contain multiple cross references, with some being for informational purposes only.