How To Optimize Alt Text. Google also uses the alt text in the Google Image … Wrapping Up, Image Alt Text SEO Best Practices; 1) Make the alt text descriptive. photo by John Doe), or a combination of the two (e.g. Here are 10 best practices if you’re ready to start writing robust, authoritative, and ADA compliant alt text: SEO best practices are what most people associate with alt text, and for good reason. Think About the Image File Structure Nonetheless, there are tips to follow in writing good alt text: Be precise. Alt text should accurately present the same content and function as is presented in the image. Are you using alt tags for all of the images on your website? The alt text is crucial for better image … As I have already said, the purpose of alt text is to describe an image to a visually impaired user. Alt text is not visible on your website while captions are visible below your images. So the more descriptive the text is the more useful it is to them. Length of text A picture may be worth a thousand words, but there’s no reason to write them all out and leave the user waiting for the descriptions to end. WordPress makes it foolproof to add alt text sans code. Search engines place a lot of value in the practice when considering ranking and relevance, especially Google. Alt text and image descriptions can provide essential information such as text, links, and image details. If your image is on your business’ website, the alt text won’t show up on the front-end of your site, but instead shows up as a line of code so search bots can identify what the image is. Browsers will display the alt-text instead of the image if the file does not load or if the viewer is not viewing images. One of those factors is the image alt text, and with the changes to Google Image Search through the years, websites have the potential to drive serious traffic through the use of good image SEO. Let’s get into a few more examples so you can see how these As a photographer, your keywords will likely include: the type of photography you specialize in (e.g. Crafting descriptive alt tags doesn't need to be difficult. Insert Keywords. When adding an image to a post in WordPress, look for “Attachment Details” on the right side of the “Add Media” screen. Search engines place a lot of value in the practice when considering ranking and relevance, especially Google. Be brief. For further SEO value, the alt text can act as the anchor text of an internal link when the image links to a different page on the site. pet photography), your name (e.g. It is best not to overthink it too much and be led by the content of the image. If you want your images to show up as a result for certain keywords, it’s good practice to insert them into your alt text. The alt text is used to describe the image for search engines and screen readers. There are best-practice rules that you should follow when optimizing your image's alt text. There is no one way to do it. Best Practices For Writing SEO-Friendly Alt Text. Writing great alt text takes time and practice. And if so, are you using them correctly? So, how do you go about writing SEO-friendly alt text for all your images? Often, writing great alt text means using common sense to describe what the image shows. Then, you simply add your alt text where it says “Alt Text.” Best practices for using alt text 7. Alt text of an image should be short and to the point. On the other hand, the caption is used to describe the image for all users. Learn the top ten best practices for using alt tags to help improve SEO and make your website more accessible.