The Green plan gives you more SmartPoints to use throughout the day but there is a smaller list of zero point foods that you can choose from. Salmon, pea and lemon frittata. Foods low in sugar, low in saturated fat and high in protein will be lower in points. Stir every 8 minutes or so, breaking it up if need be, until it has cooked through, is browned and no pink meat is left. is not responsible for any loss or damage relating to your reliance on this nutritional information. That sounds a little odd. Zero point dessert recipes or zero point snacks, you will find them here. The Purple plan gives you the least amount of SmartPoints to use throughout the day but you can enjoy a larger amount of zero point foods including potatoes, brown rice and wholewheat pasta. Generally speaking on the Blue plan you will not be given any less than 23 SmartPoints per day and you may well be allocated many more. It is 1 point for 3 ounces of tofu on the myWW Green Plan. If you have unanswered questions then no doubt others will have similar questions that I could easily answer. See more ideas about recipes, weight watchers meals, healthy recipes. It’s made with ground turkey breast but could easily be made with ground chicken breast if you prefer. It should take 5 minutes or so for the onions to soften. It should therefore be considered as an estimate. I have enough daily SmartPoints to use on the foods that I love but it also gives me a good list of zero SmartPoint foods to choose from. It also depends on a persons starting weight – people with more weight to lose may see a bigger change on the scales in the first few weeks of the plan compared to someone who has joined WW just to lose a few kilos. Just make sure that you use ground meat that uses only the breast meat. Sep 15, 2020 - Explore Pointed Kitchen's board "WW Blue Plan", followed by 26747 people on Pinterest. Add a sprinkling of zero point sweetener if you like. And not surprisingly, WW can’t give a definitive answer. SmartPoints is a system that Weight Watchers developed to help people easily monitor what they are eating and to nudge them to choosing a healthier & varied way of eating. There are more than 300 zero point foods on the blue myWW plan. How much you weigh, how tall you are, your sex and how old you are etc. On the Blue plan, as well as a moderate amount of SmartPoints, you are given a long list of zero point foods that don’t need to be pointed. Most of the recipes on this site are low in Weight Watchers Points, but one serving of each of these vegan recipes has zero points on Freestyle, Purple and Blue plans.Be sure to use zero point ingredients, such as … It is zero SmartPoints on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, myWW Blue plan & myWW Purple plan. The Zero Point cookbook fits with MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple plans. How hot you make your chili is up to you. The only thing I did differently is that I used a can of 3 bean mix instead of just kidney beans. WW Zero point items on the Blue Plan include: beans and legumes, chicken and turkey breast, eggs, fish and shellfish, fruits, nonfat yogurt and soy yogurt, tofu, tempeh, and vegetables. The new myWW program has 3 plan options, Green, Blue (FreeStyle), and Purple, each with 100+ ZeroPoint™ proteins, fruits, and vegetables.With so many free foods, it’s a good idea to print a list of them all and keep it handy for the grocery store. Why did it change, Hmmm! How do I account for any points? My concern is that beans and tofu are zero points on blue and I wonder what a serving would look like. Place in a preheated oven and cook for 20 – 30 minutes, stirring every 8 – 10 minutes until it has browned and no pink meat is left. This Weight Watchers Zero Point Lunchbox is the answer. Again, THANK YOU! 0. Kind regards There are over 200 foods that are classed as Zero Points on the Blue plan. I now have a bunch of left overs in little meals in my freezer for every time I’m craving. I’ve been playing around with Chili recipes (cos who doesn’t love a good Chili) but I had been struggling to figure out how to make it zero Smart Points. Using minimal oil always runs the risk of the meat and onions etc sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning. If they are, perhaps you should message the WW help desk & have a word with them about it. I have a great list assembled of 1 point snack ideas for the WW Blue plan. I hope that helps! 0. I have cheat sheets for EACH plan! You see what I mean …. I will definitely make this again. I used a beef stock cube (bouillion) in this recipe to give it a more meaty flavour. Your email address will not be published. These zero Smart Point Butternut Squash Falafels are also really good and can be served with this Zero Point Tzatziki and some low point flat breads. Required fields are marked *. As I mentioned above, I browned the ground turkey in the oven before adding it to the other ingredients. myWW Blue Plan ZeroPoint Foods List Layer on the ground turkey and cook on the middle shelf for 20 - 30 minutes. What are all the measurements for the United States? Dec 30, 2020 - The best recipes with WW Blue Points included! Please be aware that the nutritional information below has been automatically generated and does not account for variations in product brands and types, weights of individual ingredients etc. And of course you will also be provided with a weekly SmartPoint allocation too – around 30 (ish) SmartPoints. Or should I use an extra can of kidney beans instead of the turkey? But just recently I saw an article about browning off ground meat in the oven (without oil) so I decided to give it a try. we are all different! If you are following the myWW purple plan potatoes are now zero points. If you have made the decision to start on the Weight Watchers program, congratulations, you won’t regret it. Thank you . I used 1 beef stock cube / bouillon cube to make up the stock. I think of the WW Blue plan as the ‘middle’ plan! WW is nudging you towards choosing a filling medium sized fillet steak over a small piece of chocolate. Weight Watchers Meals | WW Meals | WW Dinners. Kind regards As with any online Weight Watcher’s recipe it’s always a good idea to double and even triple check point values before indulging in any of these zero point Weight Watcher’s desserts. ), Then…OMG the TASTE! If you are wanting a general guide on all the plans take a look at ‘What is the new Weight Watchers plan?’ Hopefully that should answer some of the more generic questions about the new myWW plans. Line the bottom of a baking tray with parchment paper / grease proof paper. Thank you thank you thank you thank you! However, you may prefer to use your SmartPoint allocation on that 0.5oz portion of chocolate rather than the beef steak and that is totally up to you! And the old WW plans may have been a bit restrictive. Simmer for 15 - 20 minutes, stirring occasionally until the sauce has thickened. This Zero Point Chili freezes really well and will keep in the freezer for 2 – 3 months. It’s got an assortment of healthy foods that all have zero, count ‘em, zero WW points! It turns out really well. is not responsible for any loss or damage relating to your reliance on this nutritional information. If that was the "Blue" plan for you, then this is the list you want to use to help fill you up with zero guilt. Nothing changes in terms of your zero points foods list or SmartPoints use. Your email address will not be published. Creating a good Weight Watchers dinner recipe is extremely satisfying but creating one that is Zero Smart Points and really very tasty is beyond satisfying! Enjoy all the changes that joining WW brings not only to the number on the scales but also to your overall health and wellbeing. Kind regards 2. For a wetter chili this should take 15 minutes - for a drier chili, it will probably take closer to 20 minutes. If you were a chicken eating, plain yogurt loving person with a love of all things beans then you benefited greatly from the old Freestyle plan. Really, the main difference you’ll experience is the fact that that your community connection will now exclusively be with other members of the Blue Plan, a smaller cohort than before. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It now looks at overall health and wellbeing. It is also zero points on the myWW Blue & Purple plans. Browning any ground meat usually means frying it (& the onions etc) in quite a bit of oil and that obviously hikes up the Smart Points in a recipe. Spray a saute pan liberally with vegetable cooking spray and heat until hot. As I mentioned before, I think of the Blue plan as the ‘middle’ plan. If you are looking for zero Smart Point dessert, you really can’t go wrong with this Fluff! It’s 4 SmartPoints on myWW Green plan. The addition of kidney beans and chili flavourings make it a flavoursome and filling zero point meal. Weight Watchers Blue My WW plan makes it possible to spend fewer daily points on filling, protein-packed … This change was primarily made as WW began to realise that everyone is different and that these differences lead to people wanting to eat different things and wanting to lose weight in different ways. Serve with a small portion (40g – dry weight) of easy cook white rice for 4 Smart Points or with a medium portion (60g – dry weight) for 6 Smart Points (Freestyle & myWW Blue plan). Check out the recipes below for some zero point Weight Watchers Meal ideas! Solution: Try a Zero Point Day to restart your plan and get back on track! Try this White Chicken Chili that is zero points on WW Blue. It turned out really well. When snacking on the Weight Watchers lifestyle there are a few things to remember. I’d be interested in knowing how it turned out. Here they are—your complete list of ZeroPoint foods for Blue! New – Updated for MyWW in 2020. If you are following the myWW Purple plan you are able to serve this Chili with a portion of brown rice for no extra SmartPoints. Alternatively, you can use them over the week. 8. Weight Watchers changed their Freestyle program at the end of 2019. However, many people find that they lose a few kilos in the first week of starting the WW plan. So the only Smart Points in this recipe if you are on the Freestyle plan or the myWW Blue or Purple plan comes from the stock cube (bouillion cube) and the tomato paste (tomato puree). Add chicken breasts and brown on both sides. Do I Have to Count Portions on Zero Point Foods? Each of the myWW plans has a different list of zero point foods. See more ideas about Weight watchers meals, Weight watchers chicken recipes, Weight watchers. Spoon into a medium sized jacket potato (160g) for 7 Smart Points (Freestyle & myWW Blue plan). 1 POINT SNACK IDEAS FOR WW BLUE PLAN. Which one will fill you up more? It now includes 3 individual plans, giving anyone following the WW program lots of choice about how they use their SmartPoint allocation. It is easy to make and can be batch cooked and frozen in single sized portions for a quick Zero Point meal any day of the week. They named their new program, myWW. Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Instagram, Filed Under: Chicken, Main Courses, Uncategorized, Zero Point Tagged With: zero point, zero smart points, zero smartpoints. Have you reached goal / lifetime and moved onto the maintenance plan? The program now includes 3 individual plans all of which are based on the SmartPoint system. I suspect that you have worked out the SmartPoint using the nutritional information that is been provided at the bottom of the page. Here are some of the list highlights. The beef stock is about 16.9 fl oz. Serve with zero point cauliflower rice for a zero point meal. … This delicious Zero Point Chili is a perfect Weight Watchers dinner recipe if you are looking for a tasty and filling meal but haven’t got the Smart Points to spare. The best feature of WW (Weight Watchers) new MyWW point system is probably the free, ZeroPoint™ foods you can enjoy guilt-free. Yes, I cook the turkey in the oven rather that browning it on the stove top in this recipe! You have some but not all. Its in the oven? It is important to bear in mind that just because a food is zero SmartPoints, that doesn’t mean that they can be eaten in excess. CrockPot Italian Meatball Soup. Add the drained kidney beans and the cooked turkey breast, stir and then reduce the heat to a simmer. I have tried to combine some zero point foods with foods that only have 1 point. Each food has a SmartPoint value that is worked out by calculating its calories, protein content, saturated fat content and sugar content. If you like your chili hot add a little more dried chili flakes. I would check the points on this. The tomatoes and kidney beans came out to 14 0z, which would be one can each. If you weren’t, you may have struggled on the plan. Could you clarify how you make the beef broth? These Weight Watchers recipes are perfect for anyone on the new myWW Blue Plan. I hope that makes sense! You get a moderate amount of SmartPoints to use on a daily basis and an extensive list of foods that are zero SmartPoints. The meat will be just over a pound. Easy Healthy Low Fat Applesauce Banana Bread. Kind regards has calculated Weight Watchers Smart Points based on the individual ingredients used to make this recipe and not from the following nutritional information. This tasted fine the day I prepared it but tasted phenomenal the next day! I also, personally, feel that it keeps me on the straight & narrow. Ground chicken breast is also free on these Weight Watchers plans. Dear dear Angie, I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Marianne, Your email address will not be published. 200+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits, non-starchy vegetables, eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, shellfish, beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, and non-fat plain yogurt. I can’t stress how important it is to sign up to WW so that you can receive a correct SmartPoint allocation for yourself. Whichever myWW plan that you chose, I wish you the best of luck. Goid evening so, the turkey is not made on the stove top? But you may be a bit confused about the different myWW plans and you may be wondering which of the three plans would suit you best. Rosarinho, Just joined Blue and loving all the recipes on your site! So I am going to go with 375 to 400 and just keep an eye on it and adjust baking time as needed. Some of the Weight Watchers Blue zero point foods are fruits, veggies (potatoes are not included, but corn and other starchy veggies are), non-fat plain Greek yogurt, lean meats like chicken and turkey if 98% fat-free, eggs, beans, lentils, edamame, chickpeas, & salsa. These 2 point snack ideas for the WW blue plan will help you when you feel hungry. Filed Under: Weight Watchers Tips Tagged With: blue plan, I’m quite interested in the blue plan just need to find out more about it, Hi Jess But isn’t that the same as the old Freestyle plan? I was wondering the same thing. The weekly SmartPoints (‘weeklies’) are for you to use any way that you want! As I said above, the amount of SmartPoints that you are allocated is calculated on your personal measurements. We used chicken, (I’m in Australia, and turkey is more rare here). I absolutely love Weight Watchers Freestyle! Hi Angie. Eating too much of these foods is not going to help with your weight loss. Other people may follow gluten free diets & some may steer away from artificial sweeteners. A printable list can be found on the WW website here. The new WW has shifted away from just focusing on weight loss. The Blue Plan includes 200+ ZeroPoint foods from which to base your meals and snacks including fruits, vegetables, eggs, skinless chicken breast, skinless turkey breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, lentils, tofu, and nonfat plain yogurt . Yes! The MyWW Blue plan has a list of 200+ zero point foods including chicken breast, turkey breast, eggs, … Dec 26, 2020 - Looking for Zero Point recipes on Weight Watchers Freestyle or Flex plan? 0. Please be aware that the nutritional information below has been automatically generated and does not account for variations in product brands and types, weights of individual ingredients etc. When I put it in the WW calculator it says it is 12 points on the blue plan. The myWW Blue plan is almost identical to the Freestyle plan that was scrapped in 2019. Weight Watchers blue plan 0 Point Recipes. Vegan Weight Watchers Recipes with Zero Points. The temperature on the oven was unclear, but the conversion from 200°C to Fahrenheit was 392°F. However, saying that, zero SmartPoints foods are really useful to bulk out your daily SmartPoints. Low Fat Cranberry Bars Recipe. Best of luck with your WW journey. I grab one tiny amount and spread it on a slice of toast, coffee….Goodness how can life be this good? Add the chopped onions and over a medium/low heat saute the onions until they start to soften and brown. Once settled into the plan, I’ve always been told to expect a loss of between 0.5 kilo to 1 kilo a week (one to two pounds). Weight Watchers Fresh No-Cook Cranberry Relish. Kind regards Marianne. Spray a large non stick skillet / frying pan with calorie controlled cooking spray. If not, check that your settings are all correct. It is 4 SmartPoints on the myWW Green plan. We don’t all eat the same foods or even like the same foods! Learn more about tofu, Weight Watchers style, on the Healthy Point Recipes blog! Tofu is ZERO points on the Blue and Purple plans! If you had been following the Freestyle plan, you can just continue to do so but look for blue plan recipes, tips etc. Or you can go for a plan somewhere in the middle! I tend to make mine a bit on the drier side as I don’t like lots of excess liquid. Add the chopped garlic and saute for a further 1 - 2 minutes making sure that it doesn't burn. You can now choose a plan that gives you a bigger allocation of SmartPoints (to use on any kind of food) and a smaller list of zero point foods to choose from or a plan that gives you a smaller allocation of SmartPoints and a bigger list of zero point foods. I have put my work website below because we’re always looking for volunteers! I am still only using 23. 5. The myWW plan encourages regular activity and when you sign up for WW you will learn all about FitPoints and how these can help in your WW journey. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And guess what? 75 Zero Point Weight Watchers Food Ideas. Le Creuset Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Nonstick Frying Pan, 12-Inch. There has been many a time that I have chosen chocolate over a high protein steak! It is zero SmartPoints on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan, myWW Blue plan & myWW Purple plan. Then you will love this board of weight watcher friendly recipes that are free. Marianne. Can’t wait to try them all. Your SmartPoint allocation can then be spent on any foods that you like. I need points for grain, nuts and avocado where I may overeat these. Vegan bean and tomato ragu. Serve with fat free yogurt and some sliced peppers. This meant that the only oil that I needed to use for this recipe was a little bit of calorie controlled spray oil to soften the onions! Using ground chicken or turkey that includes thigh meat etc will increase the Smart Point value of this recipe to 5 Smart Points per portion. I prefer a chili that packs a bit of a punch but I have made this chili recipe a little milder. Those of you who already know and love the Freestyle version of WW, you’ll be glad to know that the myWW Blue Plan is the very same. This may be due to a complete change in someones diet (and losing water). Other people rave about the Green & Purple plans, so it really is down to personal choice. As explained, this information is automatically generated, is an estimate and does not account for the fact that WW do not count the calories, saturated fat, sugar and protein of the zero point foods in a recipe (which is most of the ingredients in this zero point chili!) If you’ve tried out the WW App but still haven’t found a low point total recipe or meal … Not surprisingly, this is one of the first questions that people ask when starting on their WW journeys! Add the beef stock, chopped tomatoes and the tomato paste, stir, turn up the heat and bring to the boil. 0. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Mindset is also extremely important & signing up to WW gives you lots of advice on shifting towards a better mindset around food. So, chocolate that is high in saturated fat, high in sugar and low in protein works out at 4 SmartPoints for 0.5oz. These reusable freezer pouches are great for storing individual portions of food safely. This Zero Point Chili is Zero points on the WW Blue plan not 12 points as you state! has calculated Weight Watchers Smart Points based on the individual ingredients used to make this recipe and not from the following nutritional information. Weight Watchers Zero Point Vegetable Soup. Has anyone made this in the crockpot? The chicken was quite moist, and eventually had to put the whole thing in a big pan to boil off the moisture (we were hungry in a hurry, lol! Weight Watchers changed their program at the end of 2019. I have a question: if i make lentil soup with just lentils, carrots, broth and spinach is it still zero points? Zero Point Snacks Blue Plan Small pot (approx 1/2 cup) of 0% fat Greek yogurt with a handful of (defrosted) frozen sweet cherries. I am not apt to overeat them. Wow!! I had no idea about the blended fruit in smoothies. Remember, the amount of SmartPoints that you will be allocated is worked out on a number of things such as your sex, your weight and your height. Don’t just think that as your 6 foot tall neighbour, Trevor, gets 40 SmartPoints per day, that you as a 5ft 2′ woman would also get 40 SmartPoints a day! They are filling, flavorsome and even kid friendly. And some like to eat processed foods whereas some others hate to. To get the full recipe click on the link below each image. If you want to use them all up in one go (by eating a takeaway pizza on a Saturday night) then that is up to you. 0. It is possible to keep snacks to only 1 point if you are following the WW Blue plan. Some people don’t like chicken, or fruit, or vegetables or ‘shock horror’ plain yogurt! Yes! Cover a baking tray with grease proof paper and layer on the ground turkey, breaking up any larger pieces of meat. Zero point foods do not need to be ‘pointed’. Visit this page to see what that means. Yes! 600g ground turkey breast / turkey breast mince (2 3/4 cups), 500ml beef stock - made with 1 beef stock cube/ bouillon cube (2 1/4 cups), 240g kidney beans (1 x 400g can - drained), Preheat the oven to 200°C / 180°C fan / Gas 4. I want to do the blune plan since I am vegan, but maybe green is better for me. As you start to lose weight, your SmartPoint allocation may go down a little (but this depends on the amount of SmartPoints that you are allocated in the beginning). You can read a little more about it in this post – The Weight Watchers Purple Plan. Do you want need some Weight Watchers Freestyle 0 Point Recipes that will knock your socks off? It is also important that you reheat the chili till it is steaming hot throughout before serving. This tasty Zero Point Chili is free of Smart Points on Weight Watchers Freestyle plan. When I tried the Purple plan I struggled with portion control especially when it came to rice & pasta! Indian-style egg curry. 0. It’s 4 SmartPoints … Required fields are marked *. All recipes in the cookbook are zero points for MyWW Blue and MyWW Purple. In other words they don’t need to be taken from your daily or weekly SmartPoint allocation. However, use a chicken stock cube or even vegetable stock cube if you prefer. This recipe has just a few simple ingredients: Tofu garlic BBQ sauce. Hope this helps! THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN SNACKING. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can read a little more about it in this post – The Weight Watchers Green Plan. A cooked lean beef steak (3oz) steak which is high in protein, low in saturated fat and sugar works out at 3 SmartPoints. Marianne. You can use these foods in recipes, add to your meals or just as a quick snack. For me it is the plan that gives the best of both worlds. It should therefore be considered as an estimate. Blue 0 SmartPoints recipes Most fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are zero SmartPoints on the Blue plan including skinless chicken breast, eggs and tofu. On the Blue plan, as well as a moderate amount of SmartPoints, you are given a long list of zero point foods that don’t need to be pointed. A boiled egg dipped in a tablespoon of fat free mayonnaise These cheat sheets have the zero point food list as well as calories, carbs, and serving size for each food! These Zero Blue Point foods can be eaten without dipping into your SmartPoint allocation, and they're both filling and healthy. Just make sure that you defrost the chili fully before heating. Foods with higher saturated fat and sugar content will be higher in SmartPoints. ww blue plan snacks. Slow Cooker 3 Bean Turkey Sausage Chili. Some recipes have button so you can get both UK and US measurements. Add the ground cumin, paprika, dried chili flakes and black pepper and stir to combine. I love quick snacking options and delicious Weight Watchers recipes to help me not go crazy from being too hungry!! A quick, flavoursome and filling Weight Watchers dinner recipe. You can still enjoy your favorite egg, yogurt, chicken, fish, and beans without worries over the points being high. Yes, it took me forever to put them together… but now they're perfect for saving and printing! Thanks a million for this guilt free, zero point meal. This delicious Zero Point Chili is a perfect Weight Watchers dinner recipe if you are looking for a tasty and filling meal but haven’t got the Smart Points to spare. If they start to stick, add a few tablespoons of additional chicken broth to pan. This article will answer some of the most asked questions about the Weight Watchers Blue plan. If you have been following WW for the last few years, you will be familiar with the new Blue Plan, as it is very similar to the Freestyle SmartPoint Plan. If you prefer a wetter chili then don’t reduce the sauce as much. I used some online conversions and came up with this. I imagine it would be even better if prepared in a crock pot too. when working out points. Top a spoonful of fat free natural yogurt and some sliced pepper. The consistency of chili is also very much a personal preference. Why not freeze it in single sized portions so you can grab a zero Point meal any day of the week? It they start to stick to the bottom of the pan add a couple of tablespoons of water. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I have been on the blue plan but all of a sudden my points increased to 28. And GUILT FREE! So instead of sitting down to yet another bowl of mixed greens, you can chow down on sliced chicken, hard-boiled egg , cucumber, bell pepper, apples, and grapes, all with a side of one of these 0 point Greek Yogurt Dips . This allocation of SmartPoints is worked out on their weight, sex, height etc. Thanks Some people are vegetarian, some are vegan & some are meat eaters. For more details on this read on! Just to complicate things a little bit more (but please don’t give up, it really is simple once you know how), you are also allocated a weekly SmartPoint allowance and a list of zero point foods that don’t need to be ‘pointed’. Can one make this vegetarian (with veggie ground sausage)? However, there have been been a few changes made to the zero Point food list. All recipes are low in points for MyWW Green and a few are even zero points on Green! What other questions would you like answered & I can try and answer them in the main article? This zero point spicy chicken is perfect for meal planning, because it's so versatile. You get a moderate amount of SmartPoints to use on any food that you want and you also get a good long list (200+) of zero point foods that you can use to ‘bulk out’ your SmartPoints with. The myWW Blue plan is almost identical to the Freestyle plan that was scrapped in 2019. Sep 23, 2020 - Weight Watchers Meals: Quick and Easy - Chicken, Beef, Vegetarian, Seafood, and Turkey Recipes - Healthy recipes that are ready in about 30 minutes. The blue plan will continue with the 200+ zero point foods just like FreeStyle did before. Freestyle Plan  –  0 SmartPoints per portion, myWW Blue Plan  –  0 SmartPoints per portion, myWW Purple Plan  –  0 SmartPoints per portion, myWW Green Plan  –  4 SmartPoints per portion. And, it’s not that we can still enjoy all of our favorite foods and that nothing is off limits. Whilst the turkey is cooking, chop the onions and garlic. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please take a look at the screenshot from the official WW recipe builder. You can use spicy chicken in your omelets for breakfast, or mixed with some sriracha mayo for spicy chicken … And this SmartPoint allocation will be given to you when you join up to Weight Watchers. I really enjoy this zero Smart Point Chipotle Chicken Casserole and make it a lot during the winter for a warming, quick and easy dinner. This post contains affiliate links. I am excited to try it! Can someone please help me Marianne x, Your email address will not be published. They are 1 Smart Point per cube and I just dissolved it in 500ml of boiled water. And, since the Weight Watcher’s program is constantly evolving and changing it’s a good idea to make sure that the recipes of your choosing fit within your point plan. Hi Katherine Each person joining WW is given an allocation of SmartPoints that they can use each day. Pound cutlets until thin and season both sides with salt and pepper. Yes ground turkey breast is free on the Weight Watchers Freestyle plan or on the myWW Blue or Purple plans. Soups, stews, and salads are one of the easiest things to make when you need a zero point meal or side dish. WW Blue Plan Recipes & Foods w/ SmartPoints.