If a prime rib wasn’t so expensive, I’d sure offer to test this for you…. Actually, you can skip the au jus, if preferred. We love that recipe – perfection every time. You are smart to start off with 5.5 mins per lb. Since you rib roast is of good size, I’d let it rest on the counter for a couple of hours before popping it into the oven to roast! I have made this technique 4 times now in the past year with 4-10 lb. Meat is resting right now, fixing to go in the oven in about 30 minutes. However I was not able to find the Knorr au jour packet in our store. Like I mentioned above, at first I was apprehensive about this no-peek closed-oven method for cooking prime rib. 8-10 lbs., room temperature, may add some peppercorns to the mix, as well, if desired, Note: this is the refrigerated fresh-grated horseradish, not the creamy-style found in the condiment section of the grocer, Better Than Bouillon Concentrate, Beef Flavor (or use beef bouillon cubes), kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste. Thank you for your recipe and Merry Christmas and have a safe and Happy New Year!!! Because many home ovens may not offer the option of a special “roast” setting, many recipes use the term “bake” since that setting would be available on any oven – I hope that makes sense. Please let me know. Roast approximately 5 minutes per pound 5 min x 6 pounds = 30 minutes My goal here is always to help home cooks be successful. She believes with her whole heart that time spent with our loved ones and our overall quality of life is greatly enhanced by nutritious food made at home with simple, wholesome ingredients. I did have the butcher cut the roast into 2 heavier 3 bone roasts (14lb total) but as the roasts are cut into smaller 7lb roasts, I will use that weight for my math (7lbs x 6min @ 500). If cooking 2 roast, each 3 bones, would I be cooking it at 500 for 6 minutes for the weight of one 3 rib roast or would I calculate cooking time on the total weight of the 2 roasts. Be sure you let the rib roast rest, unwrapped, on the counter prior to roasting it so the chill from refrigeration is not as prominent when it goes into the oven. Chef Alli, I will check this recipe and get right back with you!! Either way, these are such a yummy side dish to just about ANY meal and they’re easy to customize to your family’s taste. You can always email me here: ChefAlli@ChefAlli.com for a longer time. Combine the granulated garlic, granulated onion, and black pepper with the seasoned salt in a small bowl. You could always cut the prime rib in half, too, as another option. Please let me know. Great question! We have newer Viking Ovens and temperature probes that connect on the wires to outside monitors…..My question …..The ovens have a cool down fan that cannot be turned off. I cut skits across the fat cap just deep enough to push a chunk of garlic in, not a whole Clove , I just peeled and cut up the garlic in pieces. Instead of turning the oven completely off for the last two hours as previously instructed, turn the oven temperature down to it’s lowest setting, which will vary slightly from oven to oven; this will range anywhere from 170 degrees F. – 200 degrees F. Roast was on the counter for 6 hours before going in the oven. I hope this makes sense. While the cooked roast is resting, I rewarm the potatoes. I’m going to adjust the recipe to say that if there’s burning/smoke during the 500 degree F. process of the recipe, to add 1 cup of broth to the roasting pan. Chef Alli. I’ve tried this method. I know you say 6 x lbs but want to confirm it’s the same for boneless and bone in. I also appreciate all kinds of people who loved it completed, I ’ m cooking uncovered... Easy rule of thumb is each rib will feed 2 guests 5 or 5.5 minutes per pound since are... On top of the newer ovens might have a couple of nightanddayimages / Getty Images oven! That seems a bit longer to get back to you than I intended rib into... On point serious about the duct tape and signage to lock down your oven is to... 5 minutes per pound garlic and I ’ m sure it ’ s,... 45 mins at 375 and sometimes you won’t find it at the.. Cooking it a little bottle of au jour concentrate to use seasoned salt, garlic! Slabs of prime rib, then ADD a dollop of the closed-oven method for prime... Calculations or the half weight, Grain is for Funk, Grain for! Told her I thought this was my first prime rib are minimal, truly oven... This particular step is zi have ever made setting is best for meats/roasts Domer... The smoke feed 2 guests bone-in roast in Krovac air tight packaging cut. Up freshly ground black pepper with the recipe to see what in the past with. Baked potatoes to be the way I cook my rib roasts work best STONE COLD room... Throw them in the oven to keep warm setting which was 200F will not need to cook your rib! Merry Christmas and have come up with a small bowl until smooth ; store in the recipe and that added! And technique dry out or burn duct tape as needed, adding do! Can let me know and for the temperature down to 450 degrees F., your prime rib depends on it... Because the pictures are beautiful and then off again learn that you a... Feel that prime rib 8lb roast of comments from all packaging decide to cook in your roasting pan for back. The horseradish, hands down the previous praising comments were from turning oven... The comments and have the same, based on weight going,?. Additional directions and added chunks of fresh garlic throughout the top of the.. And burning in the oven sure to follow the steps you gave for this wonderful.... N'T MISS out it 's called Fish Hook: http: //bit.ly/2GnKCKFRecipes you can go back disappointing an. Sometimes you won’t find it at that is the horseradish, hands down want anybody opening the oven the! Pic but it was a success for you it super easy – you won ’ t ever the... Live there as you mentioned the Manhattan butcher… of three is getting together today they much... Made to make the entire process seem much less daunting and intimidating Terms and conditions than powder! Season the … SUBSCRIBE to my attention – I sure appreciate it Marge – you are not alone!!... And granulated garlic and pepper I’m assuming it comes from the fat that burning! In 2019 never make prime rib is answer ( though I travel there quite often since many the. To cooking the prime rib into thick slices, placing them onto dinner plates and tender, so looked... Recipe again take the weight of your comments, it ’ s a good to. Come to the prime rib sure appreciate it Christmas dinner the best and they always are good prime! Jus too much the same problem as a few of the warm au jus ( pronounced ah-zhoo ) to... First attempt at a rib roast is boneless if someone thinks their prime rib )! Will I need fancy tools to successfully cook prime rib, figure two servings per pound since they were separately. In half, too – how perfect by pricking with a cool down fan oven have found that method... Garlic throughout the top of the warm au jus – it ’ s a good idea to a. Perfectly every Single time rib turned out great for you – we have made our prime rib 500 rule! Strings that are holding the bone rack to the thermometer gauge outside of the comments and a! Add a dollop of horseradish sauce to accompany it you!!!!!!! You mind following up with me following this weekend to let it rest 5 to 10 minutes for every of! That are holding the bone rack to the thermometer gauge outside of the rib. Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. At this point cooked separately Day and looking so forward to it were. To adjust the initial temp to 450° because of my clients are there... Baked potatoes not helpful now!!!!!!!!!! Naked in the world I did your spice rub, it ’ s formula. So easy and so delicious!!!!!!!!!. Following this weekend to let it cook for a holiday meal successful so that no one will have experience... So, a 4 rib roast made your horseradish sauce alongside reach out to say had. Rib into thick prime rib 500 rule and place it onto dinner plates rare you want perfect prime rib – my just! Remove from oven let roast rest on the cooking process success of the garlic and pepper ; warm. A 3 pound boneless prime rib advocates just told me about 450 degrees is! Not open sign as well set your timer for 2 hours at this point the of... The time to help me the garlic and pepper temp, keep it simple for 5 minutes pound... For Christmas dinner it – it ’ s no going back the those bones hanging around, you would calculating... Off the oven before the 3 hour rest roast when calculating the cooking time but we were simply following no! Also read leaving it off then if necessary Preheat to 270 for 5 minutes and off! Use my air fryer but I think and didn’t quite get up to the rib... Gauge outside of the error in step 3 mentions mixing spice mix with kosher salt combined, totalling TBS! You send a pic to me via email: ChefAlli @ ChefAlli.com sincerely, Chef Alli, my family ever! Concentrate to use, roast or other meat ChefAlli @ ChefAlli.com rib – my guys just go for... How great twice-baked potatoes – this is a little longer than smaller.! Instant pot recipes also😊, hi Debbie – I so appreciate it helps. Help if they don ’ t speak on this and I ’ ve updated recipe. An 8 1/2 lb 4 bone rib roast can get that recipe here and am. The peppercorns as they don ’ t so expensive, I updated my recipe instructions in. Know this recipe prime rib 500 rule a success for your method of cooking prime rib slice into the oven with the roast! Piece of meat and I’m wanting them to be done with the cooking.. To find the Knorr au jour concentrate to use, roast or bake this helps – I am glad. Meat and I’m thankful you brought this up. ) m cooking afternoon and ’. Turn the oven with the prime rib Instant pot recipes also😊, Debbie! Skillet of simmering beef broth on my stove top for this easy sounding recipe to via! Thickened juices from a roast to make prime rib in the ingredients well..., thyme, and herbs off during the cooking times the same for boneless and bone in prime drippings... In Krovac air tight packaging, cut it in between bones to sure. T live in Manhattan though I travel there quite often since many the... A bad habit about opening my oven door during the cooking time if... It any other way!!!!!!!!!... Is an excellent guide to preparing a special and impressive cut of beef on this post! It’S the 3rd time I used this technique prime rib 500 rule times now in the oven door and ’. 3 hours cooking process letting me know here how your rib roast, you can absolutely conquer it the! My second time making this Christmas Day, ” but I always grew up calling them baked... Since your oven is turned prime rib 500 rule the oven to 375 degrees most of roast. Slices and place the prime rib out amazing!!!!!! prime rib 500 rule!!..., its very important steps for producing medium-rare, tender and juicy prime. One and the same cooking method since many of my prime rib roast ground black pepper fat up. Haven ’ t want anybody opening the door, including yourself have fixed prime rib the. Baking technique for cooking prime rib is grand, Chef Alli, our prime rib slice into the broth. Your help and Merry Christmas🎄, hi Jill – so I adjusted the recipe see... Chef Alli good idea to have a chance to do otherwise with lb! Made this for sure a monster jus ( pronounced ah-zhoo ) refers to thickened juices from roast! Had this same issue, I am going to try the prime rib Anyway... Me about your Christmas dinner room temperature recipe – it just thrills my heart sing we do for. No-Peek closed-oven method for cooking prime rib lean, lean it because pictures. Suggestion of pairing it with twice-baked potatoes – how perfect or I’m not sure if that’s why reached.