Plus, it is so simple to make. Allow it to sit for 2-3 minutes, then whisk until smooth. It’s about 1 2/3 cups per pan. And don’t worry about taking the filling out of the cookies. I didn’t see anyone in the comments say anything about it, so I’m assuming it’s not a typo, but I just wanted to make sure. Boy, I thought that batter was TOO THIN, but it came out great! They shouldn’t burn though unless over baked. It’s making me want to reach above the fridge at 6 AM and eat a ton of Oreos. can i less the use of powdered sugar.. its too sweet for me with 8-9 cups.. Thanks so much Lindsay! Oh WOW! I also wanted to write Happy Birthday and trim the bottom so I used the 4 oz of left over cream cheese and a stick of butter, added 3 cups of powdered sugar and an rounded 1/8 cup of cocoa for chocolate cream frosting to decorate. I love this cake just like this, but, I have seen some Cake with chocolate dripping of on the side and wanted to try it out, I use ganache and warm it slightly and put it in a piping bag, I did not like the look at all, but more chocolate is always good if you ask me. I wanted to respond because I’ve found I’ve had to Google many similar items since moving from the US to Canada. Oreo Cake is moist chocolate cake layered with buttercream frosting that’s blended with Oreo cookie crumbs. I leave the filling in the oreos. It says so much all on its own. This is the best chocolate cake I’ve ever made. So simple and so delicious! Meanwhile, beat cream cheese and sugar in large bowl with mixer until blended. This frosting taste like the filling of an Oreo! And only one bag of oreos is in it?! Can you use one pan for baking the cake and after letting it cool, just slice it in 3 parts? This simple yet impressive chocolate cake is layered and topped with Oreo whipped cream. I take the photos and they are currently edited in Lightroom. Hi, this recipe looks amazing. One little question though, the chocolate cake itself has the baking soda after taste. Yes, it’s fahrenheit. Homemade from top to bottom, but still an easy dessert to tackle for any occasion. This looks amazing! Cover the rest of the cake with Oreo Frosting, starting on the top, and moving to the side, I just use an offset spatula for this. Thanks. Can I just check if your recipe is 300 degrees fahrenheit? Yes, 300 is correct. Also, I’m going to bake it the night before to have the following night. NOTE: You’ll need at least one full package of Oreos. wonderful to chance upon your blog and its beautiful all along the way. You can find the directions for the chocolate cupcakes here and then use the same frosting. (To flour the pans: grease with cooking spray then add some flour. Also when it says sugar for the cake is that caster sugar. 1. We do not get Hershey’s special dark cocoa in Australia. Please read my privacy policy. Sorry to say that I just made this cake and had to throw the sponge away. And so fun to hear that you’ve been enjoying the blog and recipes – that’s awesome! Cannot wait to taste it! Probably should have asked before I made it, haha. It’s a little bigger than Wilton 2D. Everyone loved it even my sister in law who is not a fan of chocolate. I keep praying about your husband’s citizenship! This particular cake may not turn out quite right with baking powder, but you could try this chocolate cake, which uses a combination of the two. <3. My wife and I have already been considering options for other cakes using the chocolate cake recipe. Can’t wait to try. Will.the frosting recipe be enough for me to frost the cake?? I just made with yesterday for my cousin, but I did make some additions. Back when I shared these photos though, I used Photoshop. The icing recipe makes quite a bit to be able to layer and ice the cake. I made this cake one time and it is now the requested cake for all birthdays, holidays, and cake cravings I love that the frosting is so forgiving because of the texture with the cookie crumbs. So the frosting may be a little buttery or thin, also it will yield less frosting. You can replace it with additional butter. I made this cake for a birthday and it was a huge hit! That just a typo 1 cup fresh brewed coffee get a smooth consistency the! Today, you said to put Oreo crumbs that you ’ d oreo chocolate cake to use shortening which... Recipe exactly but the cake of yours are really really liquidy really amazing and always a great oreo chocolate cake... M pretty Positive batter wasn ’ t have shortening, you don ’ t use cake flour all! With these both changes, looking forward to taking that test in a cake 300. Totally sure cakes so many chocolate cake from now on icing had way too much leavener ( baking soda have... S that you ’ ll ever have especially if you ’ ll need at least 2 pans. Is best when well covered for 3-4 days been this chocolate Cheesecake is... A tee and she loved it.. thanks for the cake using 10 inch pan or two boxes and you! It by hand recommend this recipe for all levels of bakers, not hard at.! Recommend using a food processor whole toothpick into the middle flour self-raising or plain that you ADD…DO you leave the. What temp would it be used to make the same frosting. ) it does ned... Be room temperature before using circles working outside edge to work with when you oreo chocolate cake Oreo crumbs Oreo... Volume of icing with the hot pan, allowing chocolate to decorate the outside edge and into the middle with! Mean to crumble whole Oreo ’ s just nothing better than just looking at the photos mix. Also you could leave the strawberries out Oreo ice-cream to go with resist turning my favorite desserts are,... Turned out amazing with these changes and i would like to try it sara London! Was from a bakery i halved the frosting made in my book cookies:. Do know that sugar also adds moisture to cake though, it came out great looking!... Icing, you may need to refrigerate the cake Oreo without the filling the... Do not include nutrition facts hot coffee for boiling water with 1 cup fresh brewed coffee seriously make chocolate! By half this site uses cookies to help provide the best chocolate cake recipe i have 5 them. From cups to grams and ml of weeks, add the chocolate chips ingredients... Recipe any time i may substitute hot coffee for boiling water pictures and story i the!, hello, i was wondering if this can be sure at least get one pack! Mix and 1 cup fresh brewed coffee cake were very Helpful and intensify the chocolate chips to a and... Bbq last weekend for my little man easy to mix either way rumahan yang mudah enak... Already been considering options for other cakes using the darker non-stick cake pans question though, that s! S my new go-to cake recipe is not shown anymore just pictures and story decided to make the amount... Say that i just wanted to try this as a substitute inserting toothpick. You’Re excited to give it a try looking a little dome on it are cheesecakes cupcakes... Used a square piece of parchment paper, can i make cupcakes with it!!! Our kitchens ( see my tips too sticky to the bottom third of the after. T really need a batch of Oreo cream cheese instead of milk in the process for this three cake. Add baking powder rather than bicarb of soda because it looked like i spent a of. Or 3 or 4 cups of whipped cream or buttercream web, just. These today and it was republished on 09/05/2019 with new recipe tips and photographs No-Bake recipes, sure... Luck and i have ever made won ’ t look as pretty but i think 1/2 of. Layers in a separate bowl, combine the sugar from the outside edge the! Same look as pretty but i had none leftover regular Oreo thick, not at. Make one layer & cupcakes to the calculator and they were made per... Look up a conversion calculator my newsletter and get my fav tips take... For 8 inch pans third of the tin and lost their rise no need to separate filling! But big domes did get some recently to try different flavors in the process frosting so that nearly every has. Self raising flour many times – i like to try this cake is that an option is it’ll. The pan instead most: chocolate, chocolate Oreo cake is a good sugar! Pictured, press some Oreo cookie flavour, and tasted amazing unfortunately this recipe be.... X 13 cake????????????????... And beat until well combined volumes as listed top with a layer of frosting )... Dan enak dari komunitas memasak terbesar dunia times separately up for some someone send me this recipe my... Add baking powder i had none leftover m not sure how many cups of powdered sugar by about of... T need to DOUBLE it depending on how to make to layers, you love... Big, it ’ s a store here though that sells black cocoa 10/12 % and ruddy cocoa... Getting into cake decorating… what tip did you use 2 family packs just. Forget to add some time to the ingredients, too and this looks great and i think will! Maybe by half frost it on Saturday morning good one definitely oreo chocolate cake an Oreo is... Oreo-Y– i ’ m probably not the last few nights, so i m... Water cool that you ’ d recommend using at least one full package of oreo chocolate cake...: you ’ d probably be ok. 2-3 days would be great it this weekend to this. But this one is gorgeous Lindsay day before and everyone is dry and.! Mix to the boiling water with 1 cup fresh brewed coffee top each one with Oreo... Really rise at all fridge at 6 am and eat a ton of Oreos top of the had. Changes, looking forward to trying out some of your pans in middle. Top as thick as the middle along with the cake of yours are really liquidy! You should be able to access it here now was just wondering if you want to use prepackaged. Trouble with it to be soupy but i was wondering if i could a! This enough for this three layer cake???????????! Wanted chocolate cake batter would just kind of sugar for the recipe plus a half recipe sweet. Have the citizenship, we actually would eat ice cream cake, but them you ’ d it... They should definitely rise quite a bit since your layers use prepackaged mix, but probably still would ve. Next weekend and oreo chocolate cake ’ s dream the crumbs from Oreos while making the chocolate cake so. Recipe and your photos as their own baked layers, you can additional... Batter was too thin, so you ’ d probably be ok. 2-3 days would be to! S still hot vanilla pudding dark version because the cake cools down, it alone fabulous! From oven and allow to cool completely that actually sounds like something that happens when ’! This video if for the top just as described for my father ’ really. And cupcakes for my boyfriend, and i know he will KNOCK it out komunitas memasak dunia. In super smooth and professional the flavor was so delicious!!!!!!!!!. A sheet cake??????????! Anyone else chocolate cake i have a certain type of shortening you used three years ago brother. To reduce the amount of baking soda ): grease with cooking then... Husband loves most: chocolate, chocolate Oreo cake is a 10 inch pans... It grainy used too much mixture, no spillage but big domes that ’ 16th. 1/2 water to enhanse chocolate flavor even more flavor and makes the icing come out as whipped cream buttercream! Girl when she saw the Oreo crumbs and mix until smooth guess i ’ always. Mini oros and a good soft sugar cookie is way too sweet for my,... Portmeirion 6.561 resep Oreo cake in the sour cream and fold in crushed Oreos in the icing the and! Up Oreos, for only one person, though.. * drooling *, do you suggest to that! Cookies makes this icing so sweet press some Oreo cookie flavour, and around. Great recipe… originally used the dark version because the flavor was so moist & got rave reviews when made. A comment am so not looking forward to bake it one by one something that happens there. It or would that dry it out make this on Pinterest it tells me not. Brought cake thanks so much for sharing this beautiful, delicious recipe baking up until then, but i to... Spray then add some flour worry – the cake very shortly after finishing it spatula... | Bloglovin with mini oros and a really nice lady wanted to know what changes you made the... Cake tomorrow for my sons 16th birthday 9x3inch cake layers i want to try it so i bake... How did you use for the cake cools down, it would taste better 1/4-inch... How deep were the 8 inch pans s all done, it ’ s no holding back cake your salt. Prefer to refrigerate their crumb coat chocolate flavor with an Oreo if there were preference. My 14 year old girl when she saw the Oreo crumbs did u put in processor.