The cooking time of this recipe is going to vary depending upon the actual size of your roast. You can use a Dutch oven or an oven-safe pan like a cast-iron skillet. Hi Cathy, great question and the general rule is fat side up. I left a review yesterday (which I don’t yet see), but feel the need to update. I look forward to trying your other recipes. In yesterday’s review I stated that after only 1 1/2 hours of cooking the roast had already reached 130 degrees. Select a well-trimmed cut that is not overly dark. I was very skeptical about this recipe and the length of time suggested but I thought I would give it a whirl anyway. I have a 3.4lb roast and I did 450 for 10 minutes then down to 170 for the remainder. Mash the avocadoes. Homemade low carb and keto recipes that are quick and easy. Very Good 4.3/5 (30 ratings) Onion-Smothered Baked Round Steak. It took another 2 1/2 hours to reach 135 degrees. Also another reason to avoid trimming the fat on a bottom roast. Your family will love smothered steak crock pot recipe. Thank you so much for the recommendation! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. If you prefer a more medium or well-done cook to your roast, you can slice it, and warm it in beef broth until it reaches your preferred level of done. The roast was 2.90 lbs, so I reduced the searing time to 15 minutes. Also for the gas range I’m wondering if your using a dial or have an exact temp set? I then scrolled through some of these reviews and read that another person had the same experience, but it took an additional 3 hours for his roast to reach the desired temperature of 135 degrees! You just need to dive in and learn as you go! When preparing a roast recipe for the first time, you must make adjustments for your oven and for the weight of your roast. Notes: Oh my goodness! I agree! Generously salt and pepper your … 1-2 bay leaves (or) rosemary and thyme. When cooking roasts, we want that gloriously browned exterior, the crust, but still juicy inside. It shows the easier way to make the dish for beginners. Thank you- well written. This is hands down THE MOST delicious and tender recipe for pork loin I’ve ever used. The information included in the recipe was extremely helpful. And to answer your question, yes, I’ve cooked roasts overnight that are super tender. 1/2 cup beef broth The packages were 6 to 7 pounds and contained three steaks each. A sharp knife makes this job easier. For the perfect bottom round roast, you should cook with the fat side up. Rather than following a recipe exactly, use it as a guide. You may also add sour cream, cheese and salsa. I don’t recommend cooking a round roast in a slow cooker or crock pot unless you are looking for a roast that has more of a pot roast or pulled pork texture. Every oven cooks a bit differently, and you must adjust accordingly. The butt if you will or beef bottom. Your email address will not be published. From here you can adjust as needed. my super delicious money saving homemade tortilla recipe here, my easy inexpensive homemade salsa here – cost: about $1 per QUART, Tough Times at the Accountability Household. You have successfully joined our subscriber list. Great comfort food and the whole house smells great while it's baking! Make the strips one to two inches in length, or cut into small squares. I typically use a foil tent, let it rest, and start on my gravy pan right away. Sometimes I let the meat cook on one side until there are brown marks, and other times I cook it until it is just browned. I put the rub on yesterday and baked it today. When I did it was already at 140. Updated with new content in Apr. This didn’t work out for me. I’m thinking – after a seat, braise, like 10 min at 450 – 500° – turn off oven and leave door closed – time @ 10-12 minutes/lb. Over-cooked meat of any type will be overly tough and dry. This recipe is naturally low carb, as are most roast or steak recipes. Heat your barbecue grill until it is nice and hot. You just have to learn to cook it right so it turns out tender instead of tough. Superb! It has now been exactly 1 1/2 hours since the roast went it and the it has reached 130 degrees already. It’s the best way to preserve the tenderness and the flavor of the beef. Round steak is simmered with tomatoes, green bell pepper, and onions. If you want to serve it medium or medium-well, slice the roast in the cast iron pan, pour 2 cups of beef broth in and heat on the stove over low heat until the slices reach the desired level of done. And from here you can estimate remaining time depending on your desired final temperature. Sprinkle half of the dry onion soup mix in the bottom of a slow cooker. When you try again, you could lower your oven temp by 10 degrees and compare. I have a 16 lb bottom round that I want to roast and then chip for roast beef sandwiches . potatoes (not low carb) Basically it requires you to cut the meat thinly. At first I was worried the garlic would burn…it didn’t Next, I was nervous because after 3 hours in it was at 125 and I thought it would be done way to early (I had estimated 6 hours) but it took another 2.5hours to to reach 140. Based on this recipe it should take approximately 4 hours to cook. (Keto) Chicken Carbonara Recipe in 30 Minutes, Spell Your Name Workout – What’s Your Name? So I left it in the oven. Also, I was running a little short on time so I upped the temp to 200 deg, from the 170, for the last hour or two and it was still a succulent roast. This is a great option for less tender cuts of beef and I personally love adding carrots, celery, red onion, and 1-2 bay leaves. Appreciate the comment Judy! I hate to give this kind of information because it seems like every oven is different. Also, it is always a good idea to check a roast at the midway point. When the leaves start to fall and the temperatures drop it's time for something hearty. 2 hrs per lb? Serving a small army of hungry people. Note that a fat roast may even take 2.5 hours per lb! 23g PROTEIN 150 CALORIES Roast/Bake; Braise/Pot Roast; View . All of these make great oven roasts when combined with a savory dry rub. Once the butter melts, turn heat down to medium and add your bottom round steak to the skillet. Today I’m doing out and buying a larger roast, plus an oven thermometer. I had a 3.24 pounder. I was having a hard time finding a recipe for my 2.7 lb roast but came across your comment and it came out at a temp of 147!! Did you end up making this roast recipe? I find searing on the stove to be messy, so I prefer to start it on high in the oven to cook the outside quickly and seal in the natural juices of the meat. Put into a mortar then crush it. I changed nothing. Bottom round steak can be challenging to cook. Top Round: Steaks from this portion are often referred to as Top Round steaks, Butterball Steaks, or Inside Round steaks and can be used in London Broil and Swiss Steak recipes. It was so tender I have never been able to cook a bottom round roast this tender I will cook this again and share this recipe. If you liked this post, check out my grilled pork loin recipe. Far too overdone. When preparing a roast recipe for the first time, monitor it closely. Combine all of the seasonings in a small bowl. Going into a recipe already skeptical is probably not the best mindset, resulting in a few hiccups for a very small roast. – tent for 10-15 before carving, slice the meat against the grain. It is the best way to cook round steak. I bought a bottom round roast at the market because it was on sale – $2.99/lb. Dredge each piece in flour mixture, pressing to coat with as much flour as possible If it gets done too early, allow to cool, then serve it at dinner time using step 12 above. Learn how you cook a perfect, tender, medium-rare bottom round roast that can be sliced nicely. Accountability Reply:January 21st, 2012 at 10:26 am. [CDATA[ google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6607616761750849"; /* ooda-steak */ google_ad_slot = "0714130859"; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280; // ]]> I believe you can make quality homemade recipes even if you are short on time and budget-conscious. Cut into strips or small squares. While gas and electric have similar cooking times, convection times are often reduced by 25% or more. It would depend on our final desired temperature ranging from 135° F (57° C) medium rare – 160° F (71° C) well done. 4 Quick Ways to Cook Bottom Round Steak Recipe for Economical Cut of Meat. Things have been hectic here lately, so we are a bit behind. Bottom Round Steak In The Oven Recipes | SparkRecipes US. My roast came out PERFECT. Your dry rub oven roasting method worked very well for me! And instead of mashed potatoes, you can go low carb and pair this with a combination of oven-baked veggies like asparagus, carrots, and onion. Dredge the pieces of meat on both sides in the flour. thanks. It depends upon the thickness of the roast and your oven. Still delicious but a very different end result but nothing like an oven roast or delicious roast beef. Gas, Electric, and Convection all vary. I think I will try it one day soon! Reduce heat to 170 degrees F and continue cooking. Cook until it reaches your desired internal temperature. Sorry for the late reply but really appreciate the comment on elevation. Trim fat from the meat, cut into one and a half inch pieces, liberally pepper and salt the surface, allow to sit for about half an hour. Please do not cook this delicious oven roast in a crockpot or instant pot. I’d highly recommend using a meat thermometer! Place on top of your favorite salad ingredients. I debated about what to and decided I would take the roast out and let it rest. The catch was you had to buy the family pack. A thicker fatter roast will take longer than a thinner longer roast at the same weight. If you are looking to. You’d truly need either a lot of experience to pull this off or heavily modify the original recipe. Not as tender as a filet, I’m not going to lie to you, but not too terrible and certainly tender enough considering the affordable cost of round roast. Great comfort food and the whole house smells great while it's baking! Thanks for making it so easy to prepare this inexpensive cut of beef so well. 3-4 lb fat bottom roast would take longer than a thin roast (shorter and fatter) No change to recipe, I wouldn’t dare! The perfect family dinner recipe! Served with a side of steamed carrots for a great, healthy meal. We truly enjoyed the enticing aroma as it cooked., too. Fitness Activity Printable for Kids, Low Carb Cheeseburger Pie – Easy & Delicious. We have gas, electric, and convection ovens, and each of these will have a varied outcome. I also chose to sear the meat in the cast iron on the edges only on the stove, while the oven was heating. “Roasting slowly is where all the good stuff happens,” says Jim Swenson, who has been executive chef at the National Press Club in Washington for 17 years. Moist, tender and delicious! @kirvin@coupons, you’re welcome and thank you! The roast was 2.9 lbs, so I let it sear for just 15 minutes, and including the searing time, it took just 4 hours to cook. Step 2 Use a zip-close bag to shake the rub so the seasonings are evenly mixed. What do you think? Round steak slow cooker recipe is so tender. all I can say is WOW! Rub the entire roast with a dry rub (recipe below). My plan was to take it out at 135 degrees for a medium roast. It's What's For Dinner recipe is certified by the American Heart Association®. My question is regarding using a roaster. Don’t fret, the first half goes by relatively fast. Your elevation, your oven (and if it is calibrated correctly or not), how thick your particular piece of meat is, and more. While the steak is cooking, add the sliced bell peppers and onions to a cast iron skillet and cook until translucent, about 20 minutes. Then add the cooking oil. This rule is more of a guide to help you prepare sides and effectively plan your dinner. Your instructions on cooking time sounds really long to me. Turned out perfect. Cook five minutes on each side. Heat the cast iron skillet with some butter until it is bubbly. As an economical cut, we can enjoy roast beef any day of the week, it stores well for easy meal prep like roast beef sandwiches and serves a crowd. Most gas ranges at dial 2 are around 150 °C which is 300 °F, far to hot for long and slow. If you are looking to slice it like roast beef, you must cook your roast in the oven. Bottom round roast is a cut of meat that is affordable but has a tendency to be pretty tough. Bottom Round Roast. It tasted great but would have preferred a much less done roast. I let it sit on the counter for about 40 mins with the olive oil and dry rub.