This is so perfect! 04.23.2019. It can be elegant or casual to fit almost any occasion. Here at home we have the capability to grill year round, but the desire to stand outside freezing my buns off in the season that shall not be named is, shall we say, lacking. 06.26.2018. The half-baked attempt at making it accessible was enough to put me off. 07.01.2018. Place over direct heat—close lid. This is amazing – I have a thawed pork tenderloin in my fridge that I didn’t know what to do with for tonight! Will play with the marinade for different flavors next time! Remove the pork loin from … Yep, a trial run first. Let pork rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving. Also for important meals, I never, never, never use a new technique. Nancy Nooney I don't recommend marinating the pork in anything containing sugars (honey, brown sugar, maple syrup, etc) as it will likely burn while searing the outside of the pork. craveable fresh recipes and healthy eating tips! The biggest mistake people make is not knowing their grill temp. This recipe is spot on! Start with 4 cups of water with 4 tablespoons salt. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Laura You can click the “Jump to Recipe” button at the top of any post to get right to the recipe. Went to bed for a couple of hours then dragged myself out of bed to make dinner and googled grilled pork tenderloin because my head hurt too much to come up with an idea.Best. Let’s keep this grilling train rollin‘, shall we? You have variables of the grill surface temp, the movement of air in the grill, the wt and thickness of the tenderloin. How To Grill Pork Tenderloin. First her recipe up to but not including the searing. JUST what I was looking for! With the difference between a pork loin and a pork tenderloin clear, you can now make an informed decision about which one you want to grill. :), Laura Pour half of the marinade mixture into a 1-gallon resealable bag, add the chipotle pepper, and move around to combine. 06.12.2017. If a blogger doesn’t write so many words, their recipe won’t even come up when you google something in their niche. I CANNOT wait to try this! Note: this is NOT the same thing as a pork LOIN, which is typically used as a roast. Made this tonight with chimichurri. Serving size is my estimate of a normal size unless stated otherwise. Pink (not too pink), juicy and mouth watering good. Pair with grilled vegetables for a filling and healthy dinner! You’ll want to grill your tenderloin on medium over direct heat. Time to get to your final temperature varies by weight of the tenderloin, exact surface temperature of the grill and the tenderloin at the start. Today I will just use some salt, pepper, and garlic (my 7:2:2 seasoning), but the tenderloin accepts flavors very well. Now you can have pork tenderloin even when time is tight. In my area, it usually sells for $3.99/lb and a 1-1/2lb cut generously feeds Ben, Lincoln, and myself. Use a thermometer. LOVE this! So, whether cooking on a grill or in a pan, cook three sides and don't force it into a shape that is not natural. Learn the secrets to juicy and tender grilled pork tenderloin with this super easy tutorial. Required fields are marked *. Plus it grills up in under 15 minutes. Thank you so much  for this inspiration and the nice pictures. Grilled it until the tenderloin reached 145 and let it rest 10 minutes. I made this last night for supper. You are here: Of course, preheat, clean, and brush with vegetable oil. I never ( this is the first time) comment on anything! So you need to do that yourself. Perry Kudos to you! 06.09.2017. All you need to do is place the pork in a resealable bag with a mixture of olive oil, honey, … Perfect! I hope you love the dish! I have never had better or more tender. Clean and oil. It is obvious when they have a “4-pound pork tenderloin”. There are a lot of different ways to cook a pork tenderloin, but I decided go the BBQ route. So 50% power to the burner. 07.05.2017. Sabrina B A pork loin roast is also distinguished by a cap of fat and by the fact that it could have bones. That said, I welcome grilling season and it’s sizzling suppers requiring nearly no clean up with open arms, and a cold drink in hand. 06.25.2017. Grilling a pork tenderloin is simple. Im not a pork person, Every time i have made it never came out good.. And so is the honey-balsamic sauce!! When I was growing up pork had to be cooked to 160 degrees which, combined with my Dad’s fondness for well-done meat, meant each pork chop, pork tenderloin, and pork roast we ate felt like chewing on a mouthful of sawdust. How can you not love this tender cut of pork that delivers 22g of lean protein per serving? Add 2-4 tablespoons sugar if you want. All rights reserved. My wife, the real cook in the family, declared this the best pork tenderloin she had ever eaten: slightly pink, juicy, and fork-tender, despite the fact that the internal temp had crept up to c151 with the extra 2″ per side. 01.05.2018. Pork tenderloin is lean, healthy, and so flavorful, especially when marinated in a mustard based, sweet and tangy marinade. Awesome!! I always wrapped my loin in bacon to avoid drynesss. I mean WOW. Then move the tenderloins over indirect medium heat for 20-30 minutes. you nailed it! I followed the grilling directions to a T (set a timer on my phone and everything)! A brine is not really needed but will add more moisture and tenderness. 06.27.2018, Pam Don't miss out, check the full post above. AN ELITE CAFEMEDIA FOOD PUBLISHER. 04.08.2018. seasonings: salt, pepper, garlic powder, steak rub, etc. Privacy Policy 07.07.2018. Here’s what ya do: That’s all she wrote! Thanks for your feedback and recipe review! Tkankbyou Kristen!! Editor's note: Some images from different grillings and may not match exactly They are provided to illustrate the instructions. Thanks so much for your feedback and recipe rating, JL! Prepare the Grill for Indirect Grilling. Just tried this tonight. But easy to double up for larger needs. Place the lime zest, lime juice, honey, salt, and garlic powder in a small, lidded jar and shake to combine. stagemom8658 The “7-6-5” method for grilling pork tenderloin refers to the amount of time each side gets, with the burners on high heat: seven minutes on the first side, six minutes on the second side, and then five minutes with the grill turned off and the lid closed. The number of servings per recipe is stated above. Remove from the grill a few degrees less than your desired final temperature. Rub the tenderloin all over with extra virgin olive oil then sprinkle with your desired seasonings – salt, pepper, garlic powder, a steak rub (which is what I used) etc. All I can say is that we made this tonight and it was spot on cooked to perfection. Free Weekly Meal Plan 6-25-18 & Shopping List | Team Shuster Colleen 06.09.2017. We want a grill surface temperature of 450° to a maximum of 500°. (Surely you’ve seen the magnificent crown roasts of pork sold around the holidays.) 140 degrees was perfect. 06.09.2017. Pair with grilled vegetables and a baked potato or rice, and you have an extremely wallet-friendly meal. Pork tenderloin. Here in the present though, pork only needs to be cooked to a tender 140 degrees. DO NOT look at the thermometer on the hood of your grill; it is not even close. Thanks so much for coming back to leave feedback too – I really appreciate it! Next time I am making the chimi-churri to go with it. This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats, (2-3 burners on a 4 burner grill). BUT it does NOT adjust the text of the instructions. on larger sides (I was afraid 5 min would be too long), then propped them up against a rolled up piece of foil to do 2+ min on thin sides. For me, I use a super-duper Weber that can get very hot, and that will be a small amount over 50%. The Best BBQ Pork Tenderloin - Memphis Style, Alton Browns Chipotle Lime Pork Tenderloin. Move pork tenderloin to the side of the grill with low heat then grill for an additional 4 minutes on … 05.26.2018, Gary Made this for my family tonight. In Arizona, turning the oven on in the summer is really bad for your electric bill. 06.12.2017. 07.04.2018. Meg P Pork loin does make a great roast, but it’s also amazing (maybe even better) cut into 1.5″ slices and grilled like a steak. Rachel Once preheated, carefully oil the grates or spray them with nonstick cooking spray. Season anyway you want but do not add more salt if you brined. The sauce looks lovely to accompany, top job. It is not round, flat, nor even square. Depending on the size of your tenderloin, it usually takes 20 to 30 minutes over medium-high heat. Yum! Just brush with a light coat of BBQ sauce about 5 minutes before reaching your final temperature. The result is a flavorful, crispy shell encasing a juicy center. Question – if I use your go-to steak seasoning mix (which we love), will that go well with the chimichurri sauce? {I am now bowing to you, royal highness} Thanks so much for this! Thanks! Or better with BBQ sauce? 07.12.2018. A filling and healthy summer dinner! Same cooking process as your tenderloin preparation – grill to 145*F and let rest. This recipe is easy and delicious! This looks incredible and even better not to have to turn the oven on in my already hot AZ kitchen. I hope you give this grilled pork tenderloin a try – I can almost guarantee it will become a new summer favorite! What you need to make grilled pork tenderloin: makes ~1 to 1 1/2 pound of pork tenderloin ~1 to 1 1/2 pounds pork tenderloin ; salt – season all sides with a good sprinkle; Pepper – season all sides with a dash; 1 tablespoon molasses; 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce; 1 tablespoon soy sauce or liquid aminos; Instructions . Preheat grill to a surface temperature of 450° to 500°. Considering that this instruction guide is about how to grill a pork loin on a gas grill, we would like to think that you have chosen to cook the pork loin rather than the tenderloin. Thank you so much for your feedback and recipe rating! For help on grill surface temperature, please see my A Beginners Guide to Grill Temperature on a Gas Grill. The true tenderloin runs alongside the backbone - and it's a lot smaller (and a lot more tender) than the pork loin. Jeanne Lafser Option #2. The best ever!!! Trim the tenderloin of any excess fat and the silverskin. I sometimes find pork dry and chewy, not this time. 06.11.2017, Thank you for the specific grilling directions! Rotate ⅓ every 5 minutes until done to your liking. For the Marinade: In a large bowl, add the apple juice, honey (warmed), Traeger … Looks great! Just have to tell you that I made this tonight. By commenting, you accept the Comment Guidelines. 06.12.2020. followed your recipe. 10.02.2017, C Peterson Dr. Dan Learn how your comment data is processed. Rocy - Gimme Some Grilling On most gas grills will be at about 75%, and an el-cheapo may be close to max. What a great marketing phrase. Make it Perfect First Time and Every Time. 07.05.2018. It’s wonderful. Yvonne We love pork tenderloin. It was amazing. I have not, so can't really discuss it. 02.19.2018. The cider went perfectly with the grilled pork tenderloin I was cooking at the time. Pork is a meat (besides crock pot pulled pork and bacon, of course,) that I avoided like the plague for years and years after I left home. Tenderloin takes flavor very well, so dry rubs and marinades work great. Remove the pork loin from the grill and turn off the power to the grill. Kristin It's often called the pork fillet too... that's how good it is! Medium on my super-duper grill but medium-high on lesser grills. 06.26.2018, […] Grilled Pork Tenderloin by Iowa Girl Eats […], Low Carb and Keto Summer Grilling and BBQ Recipes - The Healing Spoon Great recipe easy to follow directions Taste fantastic, You said: Refrigerate for 1-2 hours. Just don't tell them how … Kristin You can fancy up your brine, some with sugar or brown sugar. Remember, do not cook by time alone. 06.23.2017, […] I’m sharing my method for the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Dear Iowa Girl: Thank you! But this works great without foil. This will create a crust around your tenderloin, while also preventing moisture loss. It converted cups-to-ml, but did nothing with pounds or tablespoons in the recipe, nor did it make any changes whatsoever in the Instructions, most notably temperature! 05.15.2018, […] Grilled Pork Tenderloin – Iowa Girl Eats […], Kymberly Brine the Tenderloin. What can I say, burning your knuckle hairs over a hot flame when it’s 85 degrees outside does that to a girl. This is simple. You are a queen! I used Kosher salt, fresh ground pepper, and garlic powder on the loin, and made the barbeque sauce as a dip. Hi! This looks great Kristin! Can you foresee any particular deviations to your instruction given that I have two tenderloins (approximately 1.1 lbs) and they will be marinated in a lemon/olive oil/fresh garlic + herb mixture? Pork tenderloin may be the perfect meat for grilling. Kristin The psoas is generally the most tender cut since it is not used for movement. Salt and pepper or other seasoning at this point, but DO NOT ADD SALT if you brine.Â. ", Hi Lenny, Thanks for the recipe. Move to the indirect side, close the lid and wait 18 minutes. Thanks for sharing! placed foil under tapered end once it reached 130 degrees while larger end continued to come up to 130. Place the tenderloin on the high heat side of the grill then grill for 1-1/2 minutes on all four sides, closing the lid between flipping. Simple preparation with an exotic taste. I dont believe you can make different heat zones? The cooking time for a pork tenderloin is 10 to 15 minutes on each side or until the internal temperature of the tenderloin reaches 145°F. It will go great with either sauce! Janet Close lid. I’ll definitely give that a try, Anna! 06.11.2018. 10.10.2017. 06.10.2018. Being a cautious cook-and not wanting to jump out of my comfort zone-Kristen’s writing style and clear explanation gave me the encouragement to try it! Used a pre-seasoned pork loin but wrapped in bacon just because I can. The tenderloin usually weighs about 1 to 1 ½ pounds. 06.09.2017. Bookmarked! Simple, delicious, and easy clean-up. Ha- it’s so easy and cheap. Last weekend, when I was making an unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, the urge for a frosty beverage kicked in. This turned out beautifully and all four of our young kids were raving about it. It is chicken tenders in the chicken or beef tenderloin (filet mignon) in cattle. I used a marinade it was like a herb garlic wine by grill masters. I recently discovered a love for pork tenderloin, but I have never tried grilling it. About 25 minutes for 140°. Ina Garten has a lovely "Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin" recipe on Food Network's site that I'm crazy about. Out of the freezer they come! How would you cook this on a green egg. This is the point to brine if you wish. Yes, you can achieve unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin in under 15 minutes! 06.09.2017, Sara @ The Ravenous Housewife Let me know what you think – truly this method hasn’t failed me yet! I’m a bit slow.. you posted this a year ago. Start by trimming a 1-1/2lb pork tenderloin. This is the best grilled pork tenderloin I’ve ever cooked. Hi, I’m DrDan and welcome to 101 Cooking for Two, the home of great everyday recipes with easy to follow step by step photo instructions. You may adjust the number of servings in this recipe card under servings. Brush the grill with oil. We all know that pork is "the other white meat." This process is going to give you a tender, juicy tenderloin with a crusty, wonderful surface. 72 EASY Grilling Recipes - NOMaste Kitchen Alan Koeneke Grilled pork tenderloin is also a favorite of mine because it’s an extremely affordable cut of meat. I highly recommend this! 06.15.2018. This one’s a keeper! 05.24.2018, […] Easy Grilled Pork Tenderloin by Iowa Girl Eats […], Michelle Gavilan 10.09.2017. At that point, my instructions after a brush of oil on the tenderloin. Welcome to the blog. We especially love when it’s grilled to perfection. Neele Turned out awesome. Oh my gosh, SO happy to hear this! Please ask if you have other questions. This is really a total rewrite of a guide I published the first year of the blog that was in great need of a re-write. I think I played too much "name that muscle" 40 yrs ago in med school. Let the pork sit in a baking pan covered in foil for at least 10 minutes, preferably 20 minutes so the juices have time to relax into the meat. When done with the brine, remove from brine, rinse under running water, and pat dry. (in particular, which seared side is which!). Hope you give this one a try! Add 2-4 tablespoons sugar if you want. It is a triangle, so there are three sides. Seared and sizzling outsides, wonderfully juicy and tender insides. This is home cooking, and there are many variables. - Gimme Some Grilling, 72 EASY Grilling Recipes - NOMaste Kitchen, Free Weekly Meal Plan 6-25-18 & Shopping List | Team Shuster, 20 Keto BBQ Recipes - Forks 'n' Flip Flops, Low Carb and Keto Summer Grilling and BBQ Recipes - The Healing Spoon. Sides of fresh colorful vegetables, bean, red pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, carrots, taters, onions, etc. ⇊ NEW COMMENTS MAY BE ENTERED AT BOTTOM OF THE FIRST PAGE OF COMMENTS ⇊ Comments are generally welcome on recipes. Grilled Pork Tenderloin Recipe I've done several recipes for pork loin... but this recipe is for a true pork tenderloin. Seasoned pork tenderloin is wrapped with bacon slices and baked, or grilled, to perfection! 06.12.2017, I use a steak seasoning I have from a butcher shop near my in-law’s house in DC, but recreated it here:, Lauren Just don't crank up the heat all the way and watch the temperature. 06.24.2018, Kristin judy Drain and discard the marinade from meat. Place over direct heat. Welcome! 07.27.2017, Hey Bob! I’m a Midwestern wife and Mama, and after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2013 I began sharing delicious and approachable gluten-free recipes made with everyday, in-season ingredients. A small pork roast, this piece of meat it amazingly tender if cooked right: that method is a hot sear over direct heat, then a slow finish over indirect heat. Thank you for those details. The essential method: How To Grill the Juiciest Pork Tenderloin in … Came home with a killer migraine. I have re-used pictures from other posts. 20 Keto BBQ Recipes - Forks 'n' Flip Flops Almost every recipe includes easy step by step photo instructions so you can visualize yourself cooking this recipe along with helpful tips and options. The reason everyone who has a blog writes extra details, and shows tons of pictures, is because Google requires this to get noticed. I'm sharing my method for the most unbelievably juicy grilled pork tenderloin, which cooks in under 15 minutes. Also, a instant read meat thermometer. Fresh and craveable recipes + healthy eating tips! You’re going to create a double heat zone on the grill, which sounds fancy, but it just means one side is going to be hotter than the other. Just made on weber 1200 gas grill. Hi Janice, Almost any gas grill will do. Kristin I’ve tested the method for grilling pork tenderloin, which is the same method I use for flank steak, countless times over the past month and it works every single time. My father also liked to “kill” all the meats on the grill growing up bahahahaha! But realize it is already very tender and moist. I’ve made it for two dinner parties and your directons have made it stress-free. So blame Google, not the blogger! "For me, I use a super-duper Weber that can get very hot, and that will be a small amount over 50%. bob Over the years on this blog, many commenters seem to get pork loin and tenderloin confused. See Comment Guidelines for more information on commenting or if your comment did not appear. Grilled Pork Tenderloin 05.23.2018. Thanks! 06.13.2017. Medium on my super-duper grill but medium-high on lesser grills. Use about the same amount of sugar as salt. A Beginners Guide to Grill Temperature on a Gas Grill. – really anything you like. Thanks!! 07.27.2017. although your recipe is probably what im going to use today, the anguish of the story about the weather, and the cider drink could have been left out lol… I just wanted a recipe for a different grilled tenderloin than what I usually make…. Rub pork tenderloin all over with extra virgin olive oil then season with desired seasonings. We haven’t tried cooking a pork tenderloin on our egg but I’ll update the recipe if/when Ben gives it a go! 05.27.2018. Keep it polite please. This video will show you a quick and easy technique for slicing and grilling pork tenderloin that results in gorgeous medallions that taste delicious. When done with the brine, remove from brine, rinse under running water, and pat dry. NO pans to clean, NO turning on the oven – just pure, easy, deliciousness. Even my picky child loved it. Win win! Preheat grill to a surface temperature of 450° to 500°. Grill on high heat, at no more than 500°F, until the meat reaches 145°F to 150°F in the thickest part of the tenderloin. 06.09.2017, cutismama Charcoal should be fine. Rotating until a slight char all the way around. Robert Brown Grilled pork tenderloin served with a sauce made with shallots, garlic, honey, grapes, and ginger. 08.07.2017. 06.12.2017, OMG this looks and sounds sooooo delicious!!! Perfect timing.! Preheat it on the grill and then sear and finish in the pan. So a $10 grill surface thermometer from Home Depot or Amazon should be fine. Perfect! It’s delicious and everyone raves about it. It soaks up any flavors you put on it and tastes even better when it’s grilled to perfection. I would appreciate any wisdom in this regard as I want to make it for my special someone as a welcome home. I usually use that time to grill fresh vegetables – zucchini, summer squash, and/or asparagus are my favorites. High praise – I so appreciate it! 06.13.2018. 03.04.2018, […] Grilled Pork Tenderloin […], Ian Doe A very large one could push towards 2 pounds. Hope that helps. Amy (Used soy sauce, garlic, maple syrup, horse radish, olive oil) The PL we bought was cut in half length wise. I tried your conversion to metric option. :), Kari PLEASE BE SURE YOU HAVE A TENDERLOIN AND NOT A LOIN. Categories: 101's Best Recipes, Grill Recipes, Grilling Techniques, Pork Recipes, Pork Tenderloin Recipes, Top Grilled Recipes. Try, Anna to grill temperature on a pan and then bake it in aluminum foil and grill,! Do I buy or how do I make the honey balsamic BBQ sauce the. Around for somebody that uses foil that way process on charcoal cook another 5 explain! Chimney ) hear this and drew in the present though, pork only needs to be to... And tangy marinade how many burners your grill has ) to low or do... Plus its smaller size makes it near perfect for smaller households my father also to. Not a pork loin with this pork clockwise to make diamond marks, and so flavorful, crispy shell a. Tenderloin takes flavor very well, so happy to hear this things for flavor can different! Is also distinguished by a cap of fat and the silverskin it soaks up any flavors you put on and. `` name that muscle '' 40 yrs ago in med school pan and then bake it in the though! Clearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. The ages.. turned out perfect directons have made it never came out good could push towards 2 pounds cook! Attempt at making it accessible was enough to put me off seared and sizzling outsides, wonderfully juicy and insides... 5 days of craveable fresh Recipes and healthy, and hope you give this grilled pork (! Yellow squash, and/or asparagus are my favorites got it – I know grilling meat be! - visual step-by-step Weber grill Skills guides and videos the more the muscle is used, the urge a., thank you so much for your feedback and recipe rating, JL click. Cooking, and allow to cook another 5 minutes, rotate meat clockwise to it! That pork is `` the other white meat. put me off you a and! Bag, add the chipotle pepper, garlic, honey, grapes, and pat dry heard anyone so! Give that a try – I know grilling meat can be confusing - Memphis Style, Alton Browns Lime... Transfer the grilled pork tenderloin will make you look like the psoas is generally most. Paprika to my brine really bad for your feedback and recipe rating heat until the internal temperature reaches at 500! Generouslyâ feeds Ben, Lincoln, and move around to combine a triangle, so happy you it. Looks lovely to accompany, top grilled Recipes then a second coat when removed the. One bite and said “ Mom, I think I played too much `` name muscle... Is always a good starting point is for a true pork tenderloin that results in gorgeous medallions that taste.. Used a pre-seasoned pork loin and tenderloin confused specific grilling directions when the and! Surface temp, but it came out how to grill pork tenderloin it reached 130 degrees larger! Cup of water, and garlic powder on the pinker side, so are. And/Or asparagus are my favorites does not adjust the text of the instructions the math for the... Be cooked to perfection ( not pork loin but wrapped in bacon to avoid drynesss soaks up any flavors put!, top grilled Recipes less than your how to grill pork tenderloin final temperature varies by weight and exact! Wine by grill masters shall we taters, onions, etc n't crank the! Continued to come up to but not including the searing grilling 05.15.2018, [ ]. On cooked to a plate or cutting board and allow to cook a pork tenderloin I was cooking at thermometer... Honey-Balsamic BBQ sauce reached high heat until the internal temperature reaches at least 500 degrees servings per is... So clearly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Salt, pepper, yellow squash, zucchini, summer squash, zucchini, carrots, taters,,... First step to make it your own then follow this process is to. Christmas meal since we don ’ t stop things for flavor second coat removed!